Paramount Chief Chitimukulu accepts Challenge to have Lozi-Bemba Tribal Cousinship


Easterners have competition as Chitimukulu embraces Lozi-Bemba tribal cousinship

IT seems Easterners will now have to settle on being the second favourite cousins of the Bemba people for today as paramount chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people has accepted the challenge to establish a Lozi-Bemba tribal cousinship.

This new romance was announced during the prestigious 2024 Kuomboka Ceremony this morning.

Mwine Lubemba emphasised the importance of this move in further solidifying the longstanding relationship between the Lozi and Bemba communities.

Bembas have been known to have a thriving tribal counsinship with Easterners but today they upgrade from the relationship from Mbeba to Hopani and from Bicycle to Boat.

The relationship will boast of sharing similar traits in terms of food such as Cassava and Fish.

This decision comes in light of Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II’s attendance at the Ukusefya pa N’gwena Traditional Ceremony in 2023, a gesture that was well-received by the Bemba people.

“Aba Bemba gathered today at this habour, accept the Lozi challenge to a Bemba – Lozi tribal cousinship,” stated Chitimukulu who graced this year’s Kuomboka ceremony as guest of honour.

And Induna Imangambwa, representing the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE), extended gratitude to the people of Western Province for their warm welcome extended to Chitimukulu and his delegation

By Catherine Pule

Picture by Andy Luki



  1. Mr Muna Kaliba, whether the cousinship is downgraded or not downgraded, we look for unity not division in the country. The Bembas say:”tuli bantu bamo”, the Lozis say:”lu batu bamoho”, the Tongas say:”tuli bantu bomwe”. I am really failing to see what the Issue is here, honestly!

  2. This i really thrilling where political leadership has failed to unit us but see how the original natural leaders unit there people almost effortless, no campaigns, no slogans just collective wisdom without prejudice. This does not negate or downgrade the bemba/eastern, or the Tonga/ lozi chimbuyaship but rather further the unity and existence of purpose amongst our people.
    These two leaders deserve an award as true patriots and champions of national unity.

    Bamalozi amutayekwanu can you teach me silozi now now.

  3. I don’t know how some people think, but what I know is that the cousinship which is being established now cannot surpass the one which has existed the past sixty years. Easterners remain the first cousins of Bembas and Tongas remain the first cousins of Lozis, Lundas, Luvales, Luchazis, Chokwes, Mbundas and Nkoyas. Lozis also remain the first cousins of Tongas and Kaondes and Bembas remain the first cousins of Easterners. Cousinship is there to unite people and not to downgrade or compete with the one which is already there. So the Bemba-Lozi tribal cousinship is welcome and should solely be for unity purposes and not for gaining political mileage as some selfish politicians are trying to do. After all the cousins of your cousin are your cousins also.


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