Parliament acknowledges Chabinga’s Leader of The Opposition appointment


Parliament acknowledges Chabinga’s Leader of The Opposition appointment

PARLIAMENT has acknowledged the appointment of Mafinga Constituency lawmaker Robert Chabinga as leader of the opposition in Parliament dealing a devastating blow to the Edgar Lungu-led group in the battle for PF.

Last week, Miles scooped the presidency of the former ruling party at a promptly and controversially-convened extraordinary general conference.

Soon after his victory the Matero member of parliament appointed Morgan Ng’ona as Secretary General who in turn appointed Chabinga as leader of the opposition in Parliament to replace the PF’s Mporokoso lawmaker Brian Mundubile.

After his removal, Mundubile wrote to the Clerk of the National Assembly Ray Ngulube over the matter.

In the response also copied to Ng’ona, the Clark ofbthe National Assembly explained that; kindly be advised that we are alive to the provisions of Article 74 (2) of the Constitution of Zambia, Cap.1 of the Laws of Zambia, regarding
the Office of Leader of the Opposition”.

Ngulube told Mundubile it is the political party with the largest number of seats in the National Assembly that elected the Leader of the Oppoition from among the Members of Parliament who are from the Opposition.

“However, the manner in which the election of the Leader of the Opposition is conducted is not of concern to the National Assembly as
it is an internal matter of the political party concerned,” Ngulube explained.

As you are aware, Sir, the precedent has been that the National Assembly is notified by the Secretary-General of the political party, the
name of a person appointed as Leader of the Opposition. In this regard, I wish to inform yoU that the National Assembly is in receipt ofa
letter from Mr Morgan Ng’ona, Secretary-General of the Patriotic Front (PF) Party, informing the institution that Mr Robert M Chabinga, member of parliament for Mafinga Constituency, has been appointed as Leader of the Opposition,” Ngulube added.

Further, Ngulube told Mundubile that in view of Chabinga’s appointment, National Assembly will inform him the next course of action regarding this matter in due course.



  1. Parliament has not yet acknowledged Chabinga as new Leader of the Opposition. What has happened is that Parliament has acknowledged receiving a letter from the Miles Sampa PF faction informing it that it has appointed Chabinga as Leader of the Opposition. Parliament has refused to take sides in the battle between the two PF factions and does not want to take a position on who’s the leader of the PF party. Officially Brian Mundubile remains Leader of the Opposition.

  2. Yes paliament has acknowledged receipt of the letter. Surely do we have any government in place? Because a government is governed by laws and follows laws to govern, but this government is like dreams of any jungle law to follow every day and using police. And some police officers are too old how are they going to save jail sentences with Sampa when the time comes

  3. It is quite obvious that the vacancies which were unstrategically effected created an internal crisis which now has resulted into a legal battle. The tricky part now is that the decision making is left to the Courts of law to decide after reviewing all the evidence provided. A quick intervention out side of court could have been a much more beneficial process than what has befallen the embattled political party.

    Another interest issue is that with the withdrawal of the injunction restricting the now recognized PF leadership, the same actions has not stop the newly elected members to fully act in their new formed positions. This is a fact and hence there is nothing that can be done to counter this. Why is this so?

    Apparently bad leadership practice has placed this political party in this position as the past leadership are themselves facing a court order to stop them from illegally holding their positions. Whether everyone tries to ignore this important fact it will eventually be a seriously disadvantage.

    Hence technically, the request to appoint a new person as leader of the opposition is purely administrative. Hence the acknowledgement of the letter is an indication that while Parliament will not take sides. They are mandated to receive instructions from the legally recognized leadership. There is no doubt to whom this is given the acknowledgement from the past leadership that the whole PF leadership has been taken over by their internal opponents.

    Looking at this logically. The SAMPA led faction currently have all this” legality” in their favor. Yes the legal battle definitely exists, but it will be very naive to arrogantly and ignorantly ignore this predicament the party has found its self in.

    To adequately and wisely prepare for the envitable is vitally essential. Otherwise talk is just that. Expression of anger, resentment or outcry of injustice won’t help. It is time to think fast and effectively.

    I honest opinion of this matter is that it going to be a very serious and devasting process. And a realization of this is very important. This will not be a walk in the park. Serious repercussions are going to take place internally and externally. Meanwhile Check mate is in effect.


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