PARLIAMENT HAS BECOME TOXIC…it is responsible for the situation Zambians are in today – Hon Mulenga Fube

Mulenga Fube


…it is responsible for the situation Zambians are in today – Hon Fube

Chilubi Member of Parliament Mulenga Fube has charged that Parliament is responsible for most of the challenges Zambians are faced with today.

Hon Fube also raised concerns on the manner in which presiding officers are treating lawmakers in the house.

He said this when he and other PF MPs addressed the media today.

“I do agree I think 1000% that Parliament is responsible for the situation we are in as a country. Why Parliament is responsible? Because that is the people’s house. Why Parliament is responsible? Because we stopped a lot of issues including cholera,” he said.

“I remember during one session, Dr Chitalu raised an issue he was stopped like a child. I remember how many times we have been stopped especially talking about agriculture and things to do with food security in the country.”

He lamented that Zambia has never, even at its worst, been faced with challenges it is faced with today.

“But I think I want to overemphasize that this phenomenon we have seen has never been in Zambia before. Even at our worst, we have never encountered this phenomenon in Zambia before. That is why you find that Article 61, 62, 63, gives leverage to Members of Parliament elected or nominated to discuss these issues openly because the law is that one, we represent, two, we legislate, three, we approve the budget, four, we do an oversight role,” he said.

“Apa tufikile, epalya aba Yuda baishile beba ati kakuleni chipondo Barnabas, mutupele Yesu wakaele… That is where we have reached because the Zambians who are innocent are being crucified by institutional corruption. I think the leader of opposition did emphasize that as we stand, Parliament has become a very toxic place, very, highly toxic place where debate cannot be allowed to floor.”

Hon Fube said Parliament has the alpha and omega in terms of ownership of certain instruments that are supposed to facilitate the flow of debate.

“And in this case I mean the privileges, Parliamentary Privileges Act, have been suspended in all its entirety because of the practice that is going on there. The 2021 standing orders book is suspended… the Constitution, among them, Article 76 is suspended because what is happening in Parliament does not follow what these documents have stated,” he said.

“We have seen how the presiding officers have stopped us as children. Sometimes you are told, even before you speak, the presiding officer knows what you want to talk about. You are told to be relevant. Especially the opposition, we have suffered that. I am a victim, several times. Sometimes the presiding officer will come up with come up with methods like no, I am trying to balance in order to avoid certain people to speak.”

He fumed that MPs were not elected as puppets of the presiding officers.

Hon Fube also charged that President Hakainde Hichilema has applied a heavy hand on the legislature.

He said “we want to have some sanity and if that sanity is not given we will create it.”


  1. Yes you idiot your party stole all the national resources and went ahead to borrow beyond the country’s capacity to repay and you still expect the economy to be in good performing status.

    • Ba Musonda….”You cant handle the truth” even when it stares you in the face.
      Rethoric is not going to change the facts. PF mismanaged the economy, over borrow, and misapplied the resources that were borrowed. Period. SOB told you like it is….and because you can not handle the truth, you deflect, you attack and tell lies in attempt to dismiss a valid point. Sometime do some introspection bane. No matter how hard you try to deflect, you can not bring a good man down…..

  2. This chap doesn’t understand that local government is the foundation of national government. Not the other way around. Local government decisions and activity do not need the approval of the national government.

    With such buffoons in leadership, it is no wonder the nation is heading no where.

  3. How else can one treat such incorrigible Rouble rousers whose mission is to challenge presiding officers every time they are guided. It’s now 2 and half years since this parliament has been sitting but they have been failing to understand their own standing orders.Ironically, they even have the privilege to hold press briefings with some medias for hire at parliament to express their bitterness. Such buffoonery!

  4. We have a big problem in Zambia because most of the Members of Parliament (MPs) we have, do not have proper academic and professional qualifications and are inexperienced to perform their duties and responsibilities. They do not have adequate skills to carry out research on critical issues and they also lack skills in strategic engagements, lobbying and advocacy. How do we expect them to articulate national matters and provide proper checks and balances to Government?

    When it comes to hiring workers in the private and public sectors employers are very strict to scrutinise qualifications and experiences of candidates to hire. In most cases they hire experienced and qualified candidates how would be productive and useful to their organisations. It is unfortunate that we do not pay attention to nominating and electing MPs, there is no strictness and quality assurance in hiring MPs. Most MPs have no proper academic and professional qualifications and lack experience to perform their duties and responsibilities and these are the people who make policies and critical decisions on national policies and priorities. We are far from developing and making tangible economic progress as long as we have under qualified and inexperienced MPs. Please tell me if advertisements were placed for hiring qualified and experienced Senior Managers, Chief Executive Officers and Middle Management Officers in private and public sector organisations how many of our current MPs can qualify to apply for those vacancies?


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