Parliament, Registrar, Executive Must Stay Away from Political Parties-LAZ


Parliament, Registrar, Executive Must Stay Away from Political Parties-LAZ

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has expressed deep concern over recent developments within the Patriotic Front, the main opposition party in the country.

LAZ emphasizes the significance of political parties in upholding Zambia’s multi-party democratic system and recognizes their rights as enshrined in Article 60 of the Constitution.

LAZ asserts that a robust democracy relies on strong political parties, both ruling and opposition, that uphold national values and principles, promote national unity, and allow citizens to exercise their freedom of association and assembly.

Therefore, LAZ is naturally concerned about the events surrounding the Patriotic Front.

However, LAZ firmly states that external stakeholders, including state institutions, should not interfere in the internal affairs of the party.

Instead, the Patriotic Front should be allowed to address its internal challenges through the established channels outlined in its constitution.

In cases where disputes arise, the Constitution of Zambia stipulates that they should be ultimately resolved by the courts of law.

LAZ emphasizes that the courts of law are the only institution mandated to settle disputes under the Zambian Constitution.

Both the ruling and opposition parties have an obligation to respect and abide by the decisions of the courts.

LAZ also cautions against attacking the integrity of judicial officers based on personal disagreement with their decisions.

This press release from LAZ serves to highlight the importance of constitutional provisions, national values and principles, and the rights and liberties of citizens.

It reinforces LAZ’s statutory mandate, as outlined in the Law Association of Zambia Act, to safeguard the rule of law and promote justice in Zambia.

The press release is dated November 1, 2023.


  1. How can you have robust democracy, when all what opposition parties do is insult the president, forge documents which they poppet to be government official documents and the manufacturing of fake news. We all know what PF was like when they were in power. They have continued with impunity and don’t take any responsibility for transgressions of the law. When caught to answer charges immineting from their conduct they claim persecution. How can that be? Was the justice system only meant to deal with the poor. Let them fight their battles. Political parties are guided by rules and the constitution under registra of society. How can you even suggest that the registrar should not get involved when it’s the institution with the responsibility of regulating them.

    • James your thinking capacity is shrinking together with the democratic space. HH used to call them “chikala’s and devils” tell me what that is?.
      Cows are very humble and very obedient animals. Where you people get the evil hearts no one will ever tell.

      • 2.8 million, these fraudsters just need to be voted out of office.

        They are doing the exact same thing that got PF ejected. Even worse. Yet somehow, they think this is what voters want. Their god has totally ignored the promises he made to get elected. He will never change. He is a pure conman.


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