A Zimbabwean church pastor from Glen View, Harare killed his girlfriend’s husband after he allegedly swerved his Toyota Prado in a bid to shake off the deceased who was clinging on the roof of the car.

Sande Mobile (48) of 350 19th Crescent 1 Glen View had travelled all the way to Bindura to see his married girlfriend Beauty Madzonzoni.

He was unaware that he was walking into a trap with the girlfriend’s husband hiding and ready to pounce, Zimbabwe Voice reports.

Mobile appeared before Bindura Magistrate Josleen Madaka charged with murder.

The State represented by Edward Katsvairo told the court that on July 8 Addmore Makombe, 36, hatched a plan with his wife Madzonzoni to trap her boyfriend Mobile.

Madzonzoni reportedly called Pastor Mobile to come and pick her in Bindura town and the unaware Mobile came driving his unregistered Toyota Prado while Makombe laid an ambush.

Upon Mobile’s arrival his girlfriend entered the car and before the car moved Makombe reportedly jumped on the roof of the car.

Mobile sped off with Madzonzoni while Makombe clutched on top of the car’s roof.

He was signalled to stop at a roadblock and changed direction while swerving the car to shake off Makombe.

The accused pushed his girlfriend out of the moving car and swerved his car such that Makombe fell off and died on the spot.
Mobile was subsequently arrested for murder and dragged to court.


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