PATRICK Mwanawasa and his co-accused Ronald Simwiinga have signed an agreement with businessman Lombe Okpara consenting that they indeed enjoyed his wife.

In the said case, Mulenga Okpara was accused by her husband Lombe of sharing many cosy nights with Mwanawasa to the extent of even buying him underwear on his birthday to store his precious cargo.

The husband armed with text messages accused his wife of also sleeping with the Foreign Affairs PS Simwiinga on multiple occasions.

To avoid the shame of trial, the two have signed a Consent Agreement with their accuser which entails that they have agreed to filandering with his wife and will settle without the need for trial.

Mwanawasa and Simwiinga have consequently been removed from case leaving Okpara and his wife knifing their marriage apart as they seek divorce.



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