Is it something to go by?

By Chanoda D Ngwira

It is a FACT, President Lungu has left a very big gap and oversized shoes regards PF Presidency upon his declared retirement from active politics as per our statitutes surrounding Former Heads of State and their retirement package..

This remains a serious punch on my party and if not handled well, we may actually be on the way to MMD and UNIP way of getting into a total oblivion. I say so because a convention as has been suggested will surely be a make or a break of the Patriotic Front Party which without malice or biasness is the only next in line regards political muscle from the UPND looking at the numbers we have at both local and Parliamentary level across the country.

Worth noting is the fact that PF members and structures are still very intact, we have not seen tangible movements of serious members to either UPND or other opposition parties. This is a serious headache to the UPND if we are to with soberness look at things, only a few either finished or hungry members of the PF have decided to cross to the UPND.

As things stand, even the losses suffered at the hands of UPND in the recent conducted by elections are not a true reflection of defeat on the part of PF.. It is basically a reflection of lacking leadership or a leader if I was to specify with a focus on Presidency. Yes, with a leader elected or put by the people through legally acceptable ways, we will have a proper direction as a party otherwise let’s forget to see different results.

Nevertheless, we have another challenge where almost everyone wants to be President of PF, even those that deeply know that they are not ripe yet for the job, they want to add to the list of Aspirants. This is another serious cancer for the party and if not well handled, it will basically add to the strength of the last nail of the Party’s coffin which in my view would basically have an effect on our most desirable democracy… We have too many people who want to be PF President and that’s a danger because there is always a way to sort such out especially when our leaders decided to leave their self-centred interests and look at a bigger picture which is the Party and the Zambian people.

Finally, not to bore you, here is my desired structure if there was a way to agree on something among the leaders that have floated themselves for the position of Party President. This structure and idea am about to give is based on the importance of having everyone on board among those that have offered themselves for leadership… Let’s go and I know this is workable if only our leaders stop this behavior of wanting to be selfish.


Brian Mundubile


Given Lubinda


Christine Kaseba


Rapheal Nakachinda


Kafwaya Mutotwe


Nickson Chilangwa


Chishimba Kambwili


Emmanuel Mwamba


Ronald Chitotela

The list is endless and yes, with this team, we are able to make sense and see a way forward for the party. At MCC level, let there be a lot of youths and women, trust me in my opinion, we can bounce back to power.

I submit!


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