Lusaka- Tuesday,9th January 2024

The Lusaka City Council has approved a request by the Patriotic Front to join in cleaning the Lusaka Central Business District.

On 30th December 2023, Patriotic Front Secretary General Hon. Raphael Nakachinda offered his members to help and join the cleaning of the Lusaka CBD in light of the widespread cholera outbreak that has claimed over 200 lives.

But Acting Town Clerk, Eng. Liftery Ndaba rejected the offer claiming Mr. Nakacinda did not represent the Patriotic Front as illegally amended records at the Registrar of Societies showed.

Following an appeal to the Mayor and the Lusaka City Council, His Worship Chilando Chitangala has accepted the offer stating that the fight against the cholera out-break required a multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approach and therefore demanded the participation of all stakeholders.

“I commend you for your offer to partner with us in our efforts to realise a clean and healthy city.” ,she stated.

Ms. Chitangala has also stated that the request by the Patriotic Front met all official criteria to accept donations, material, financial, and other support as outlined by the Council’s own strategy and Local Government regulations.

“This is in line with the City’s Solid Waste Management policy which outlines strategies to address solid waste and recognizes the value of collaboration with the residents, businesses, community organization in these strategies.”she stated.

She has since directed the Acting Town Clerk to meet Mr. Nakacinda and their teams to sit and plan for the activity.

Below is the official response

The Secretary General Patriotic Front LUSAKA

Dear Sir,


I refer to your letter of 30th December, 2023 in which you complained about the response of the Town Clerk to your offer to join the on-going effort against the cholera outbreak, by helping to clean the Central Business District (CBD).

I commend you for your offer to partner with us in our efforts to realise a clean and healthy city.

As you are aware, a clean and healthy city cannot be achieved by the local authority alone and therefore requires the concerted efforts by all stakeholders.

The council has and continues to receive support in various forms, from individuals and organisations, in a bid mobilise the required resources to safeguard the health and safety of the residents of Lusaka.

This is in line with the City’s Solid Waste Management policy which outlines strategies to address solid waste and recognizes the value of collaboration with the residents, businesses, community organization in these strategies.

The need for support from stakeholders is even more acute now that we are faced with a raging cholera outbreak which has so far affected over Four thousand (4, 000) people in Lusaka with over Hundred and Seventy (170) deaths as at 5th January, 2024.

Please be informed that donations, financial and material, are welcome for as long as they are in keeping with our mandate and meet the established criteria for receiving donations.

As a way forward, I wish to suggest a meeting between a representative of your organization and the relevant sections of the Council to ensure that this opportunity is utilised in the best possible way.

A clean Lusaka is possible if we work together.

Yours respectfully,

Chilando Chitangala (Ms) THE MAYOR

Cc;Eng. Liftery Ndaba – The Acting Town Clerk, Lusaka City Council


  1. So why didn’t they deal with this issue when they were in power?

    Because the didn’t and don’t know how to.

    This is crisis management. Playing to the gallery. No real solutions to permanently erradicate cholera.

  2. When Political manuvers take center stage to score points it can side track important and urgent matters.

    It is the apparent silent but still very visible administrative fights taking place and weighing in to recognize the rightful officials to make announcements for an embattled political party.

    This leaves much to be desired. Especially that lives have been lost due to this unfortunate situation of hygiene.

    This is not the stage for such matters. A direct approach of preference is more appreciated. This a brave stand in my opinion. I for one would respect such a courageous move to independently side with a preferred side.for now let’s leave politics out , this matter does not choose political persuasions.

    While we wait for the courts of law to determine who rightly is the recognized and authorized officials to give statements. Is it wise for those holding public office to wisely refrain from being pulled into issues which risk them to explain on how they determined who was the rightful officials to issues statements on behalf of a political party currently in court.

    The different reactions from the local government officials as allegedly reported in the press clearly shows the vigorous under currents taking place in our institutions and the hidden political supports exerting opinions which is confusing the rest of us.

    Coming back to the pressing issue at hand. May I highlight a more serious issue of hygiene. A drive around hybrid round about will reveal an exposed drainage running with what smells like sewer water or matter. The stench suggests this hence if this is the case, it needs urgent attention as this is open and will adversely affect the surrounding areas. Ordinarily this must be used to drain excess water so that other valuable roads are protected and not sewer water. May the local government officials kindly investigate this and inform us accordingly.

    May responsible media houses take time to report on what this substance is.

    Secondly, we have many housing properties that have been developed in various locations in Lusaka. Many if not all of these new sites are using soaker way systems which obviously will pollute the water tables over a period of time. Imagine an estate having several houses competing for the same water table using bore holes.

    Maybe we need to rethink on how these water tables can be protected so that the waters remain safe for consumption. I personally think the city is maxed out and we need to think of shifting to other areas for new cities to accommodate the kind of population that exist.

    I guess we need to hear from town planners on what strategic plans they had in mind as the population increased. These issues need strategic thinking otherwise we may keep dealing with these annual health concerns.

  3. Took time to read the link. Impressive. I for one like progressive ideas. Nothing wrong in taking what works and continuing with the good work. Important information.

    • That is all I ask.

      If drunkard ECL could sort it out, it should be a walk in the park for Hakainde. Trouble is that Hakainde is not focused sometimes.

  4. People who assume positions without any inkling on how the office is administered! The mayor responding to mail despite the nobleness of the gesture is out of place! The more the reason need for orientation! The response did not even need to be a whole essay


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