…UPND policy focuses on $1.0 million Constituency Development Fund (CDF) per constituency

CHAVUMA – 21/05/20

“INDUCED Local Government by-elections by the Patriotic Front is one of the avenues through which the ruling party has destroyed democracy in county”,says Brian Ndumba.

UPND Local Government and housing Deputy Chairperson, Brian Ndumba says Local Government is a sector that requires massive support to function freely and as effectively as possible in order to establish a very strong backbone for the Central Government to thrive.

Speaking when he addressed UPND Councillors in Chavuma district on Thursday,Mr Ndumba encouraged Councillors to uphold the Standing Orders which demands that a serving Councillor be an upright person in the community.

He emphasized that enticing Councillors with money so that they resign from the opposition party and cause by-elections was not only a violation of the Standing Order but an assault to the Local Government sector of the governance structure.

“Check your Standing Orders. It says a Councillor is supposed to be an upright member of society. But if you resign and cause a by-election, any life lost or blood spilled in that election shall be upon your head.Our policy in the UPND is to allocate $1.0 Million Constituency Development Fund (CDF) per constituency per year. Imagine what that kind of money would do in respective wards!” said Ndumba

And UPND Northern Western Province Chairperson, Colonel Grandson Katambi informed the Councillors to hold on because it is darkest before dawn as the promised land that Zambians have been waiting for is just across the river with victory being certain in 2021.

Meanwhile,Mr Ndumba who is a Local Government expert thanked all the UPND Councillors for their steadfastness and lifting the banner of ‘Hope & Help of UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema for it has not been easy to work under a hostile environment created by the ruling PF.




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