Paul Kagame said he will give back the money to the UK if they don’t send any refugees to his country


Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame said he will give back the money to the UK if they don’t send any refugees to his country as part of their agreement.

The UK has given £240m to Rwanda, and will give another £50m later. Until now, no refugees have been sent to the country.

When Kagame was asked why he was taking the money, he said: “I will only use it if those people come. ” “If they don’t show up, we can give the money back. ”

Rishi Sunak is about to have an important vote in parliament for his Rwanda bill.

The prime minister says his idea to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda will stop other people from trying to come to the UK in small boats.

Labour thinks it is a costly trick that won’t be effective, and they would get rid of the policy if they win the election.

Some of Mr Sunak’s own Conservative party members disagree with him. They think the rules are not strict enough and the government should be willing to break international laws to start deportation flights.

On Wednesday evening, Members of Parliament will vote on changes to a law and decide if the bill should move on to the next step.

The government thinks they will win the vote, even though many right-wing Tory MPs rebelled on Tuesday.

The BBC’s economics expert, Faisal Islam, quickly spoke to Paul Kagame at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The president did not say how much money he will give back to the UK, or when. When asked about the problems with the deal involving his country, Mr. Kagame said that it’s not Rwanda’s problem. The President said that the UK should handle the problem, not Rwanda.

Labour’s shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves said she is happy that Mr. Kagame offered to give back the money. She promised to use the money to handle asylum requests and to stop the criminal gangs involved in this situation.

She said in Davos that it would be better to use the money for controlling small boat crossings, which is essential and more likely to succeed.



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