Ruling PF Lusaka provincial chairperson Paul Moonga has dared police to arrest him over his recent comment that he has instructed youth chairperson Daniel Kalembe to mobilise party youths to whip those who will dare demonstrate against President Edgar Lungu and government.

According to the Daily Revelation reports, Moonga was reacting to police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo who said that the PF Lusaka chief was inciting violence by directive PF youths to deal with protesters.

But Moonga says he was not inciting but merely warning, as people were now talking shit with impunity against the President and government.

“I am not inciting I am just warning them, I am not incitinqg I am just warning those unruly youths, we cannot fold our arms when people are misbehaving. If police cannot control them we move in,” Moonga said. “So there is no inciting of violence we need peace, if people are going to demonstrate unruly we won’t spare them. Enough is enough of nonsense.”

Moonga said he was ready to be arrested for defending the party and the President.
“Cells were meant for human beings. Yes. If I am defending the party and the President I don’t care to be arrested, as long as I am defending the party and the government from the unruly characters so be it I can be arrested,” Moonga said. “But we are not going to allow unruly people to cause commotion in Lusaka. I am not going to allow any nonsense in Lusaka we need peace. If the police cannot control them, my youths under the provincial youth chairman Kalembe I won’t spare them.”

Reminded that he was infringing on people’s freedoms with his threats, Moonga said people were now misbehaving with impunity.

“Freedom. Which freedom? Freedom sometimes can be so dangerous. You don’t take freedom for granted…they talk shit with impunity. Enough is enough,” said Moonga.
Reacting to Moonga’s earlier statement that the youths in Lusaka will pounce on the demonstrators and whip them, Katongo said Moonga was inciting violence, and anyone with information could report him to the police.


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