Pay President Edgar Lungu his benefits and gratuity for the 7 years he’s been employed by the Govt – Rizwaan Dawood Patel

Rizwaan Dawood Patel


17 DECEMBER 2023

Let’s make something very clear.

President Lungu is not being given his benefits because he’s said he is back in active politics.

Which is NOT supposed to be the case. The only thing he is not entitled to is the CURRENT SALARY of a former President which a former President receives till his death.

But the gratuity and monies owed to him for all those years he worked HE NEEDS TO BE PAID.

PRESIDENT EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU has foregone enjoying the earning of his salary and other entitlements as a former President by declaring himself back into active politics. He has sacrificed his personal entitlements for the sake of the sanctity and safety of the Patriotic Front Party from being raped by UPND machinations via one MILES JUDAS SAMPA.

This magnanimous and selfless act on the part of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu DOES NOT ALLOW the current administration to forfeit or forgo their responsibility of paying him HIS PAST DUES!!

They owe him his gratuities and accrued benefits from the seven years he has served as REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT and just because they are a vindictive, bitter and evil hearted lot, his coming back into active politics does not give them licence to pay him his dues!!!


And secretary to the cabinet needs to pull up his socks and start behaving like a SECRETARY TO THE CABINET for once.

When you come to think of it, the constitution is not so much of a problem. It’s the laws below the constitution that create problems.

For instance, the 1993 Presidential benefits act and the 1998 amendments which included the clause “ACTIVE POLITICS” are contradictions of the constitutional provisions on a person’s right of association INCLUDING A FORMER HEAD OF STATE and right to belong to a party of their choice. It’s also a contradiction of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter of Human Rights.

In fact, my considered view is that ECL IS NOT GOING TO COURT BECAUSE HE NEEDS THE PENSION . He is going to court for the country. THE CLAUSES IN THE CONSTITUTION DEALING WITH A FORMER PRESIDENTS GRATUITIES ARE IN CONFLICT WITH THE CHARTER OF BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS ENSHRINED IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA which guarantees the freedoms of a citizen on the freedom of association.Someone must be patriotic enough to use their circumstances to expose an injustice. It will benefit even President Hakainde Hichilema when he will leave the office.

This law is the doing of MMD who were very paranoid with everything that had to do with President Kenneth David Kaunda.. On this case hinges a very significant outcome with far-reaching implications for the freedom of association.

So basically the constitutional court has been challenged to rectify the Law which is in itself in violation of the BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS CHARTER by subduing the freedom of association of a former head of state

Pay President Edgar Chagwa Lungu his benefits and gratuity for the seven years he’s been employed by the Government of The Republic of Zambia.

Rizwaan Dawood Patel


  1. Who is this chikala Rizwan two face Dawood Patel. This man is crying because lungu you pay him for bribing others. Rizwan is the safe thug ans corrupt person who is involved with PF at the highest levels. Baboon lungu has to pay back to Zambia first.

  2. He has to join the long queue of retirees he never bothered to look at during his entire 7 years in office!
    Let him wait for 7 x 77 years also!


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