“Pay what you owe me or I sleep with your wife”- SDA Elder


“Pay what you owe me or I sleep with your wife”

AN elderly Seventh Day Adventist man of Mwembeshi has sent husbands in his area into panic mode with his shrewd methods of ensuring non of his debtors default on paying back.

If you borrow anything from Kekelwa Akatelekwa who owns a little grocery store in the area and fail to pay back, the 67 year old man will recover his debt by sleeping with your wife, at least this was the bitter lesson he taught his 30-year churchmate, Edwin Kachinda last month.

It has been reported that driven to desperation by the pangs of hunger, Kachinda decided to approach Akatelekwa with whom he goes to the same church for relief.

Being brothers in the SDA faith, Akatelekwa agreed to lend Kachinda a 25 kilogram bag of mealie meal and K100 to buy some home supplies.

But after days of chasing Kachinda who, like a third world African country had defaulted on his debt, Akatelekwa decided to put his canny debt recovery strategy to use.

He went Kachinda’s house early in the morning and when he didn’t find his debtor, Akatelekwa offered his wife a debt write off for her husband as well as gift her with a phone if she agreed to sleep with him, to which she agreed.

The old man then led Kachinda’s young wife to a nearby bush, laid her on the grass pouring out morning dew and began to pleasurely recover his sweet money.

However, unbeknownst to the two as they were engaging in debt restructuring, Kachinda had trailed them and watched from a distance but decided to disrupt them before they could conclude.

Akatelekwa immediately took to his feet and disappeared while Kachinda’s wife ran to her mother’s house never to return to her matrimonial home.

After informing the village elders about what had happened, Akatelekwa was fined K5000 which he paid.

But when Kachinda narrated the story of Akatelekwa sleeping with his wife over debt to anyone that cared to listen in the village, the man pushed in a defamation suit with the Lusaka Boma Local Court.

In court, Akatelekwa said he had only gone with Kachinda’s wife in the bush so he could give her a phone which she could use to call him when her husband returned home.

The court laughed away his explanation and dismissed his defamation case.

“No man can be in the bush with another man’s wife around 06:00 hours and later run for his life after being caught by the woman’s husband unless there was sex involved,” the court observed.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



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