PEACE IS BEING DESTROYED…. govt to lead Zambia with love and unity – SENIOR CHIEF NKULA



…. urges the UPND government to lead Zambia with love and unity

Chinsali… Saturday November 11, 2023 (SMART EAGLES)

Senior Chief Nkula of Chinsali district has expressed concern that currently, peace is being destroyed in the country and replaced with hatred.

Senior Chief Nkula says it is important that the UPND government leads Zambia with peace and unity not forgetting to respect human beings.

He said this in a speech read on his behalf by Chief Luchembe during his installation as senior Chief Nkula of the Bemba people at Nkula palace in Chinsali district, Muchinga Province.

The traditional leader says further, government should listen to traditional leaders as they live with people in communities and understand their needs.

He also says government should fight corruption collectively and not selectively.

“Today we have seen peace destroyed and replaced with hatred and we need to protect our peace at all cost. I want to appeal to the UPND to lead Zambia with love and unity and respect human beings. We can’t afford to be quarreling everyday. I call upon all Zambians to embrace the spirit of our forefathers who brought us peace and unity,” he said.

“The current situation we are witnessing is that youths are taking center stage in insulting elders, abusing drugs and other negative vices. I also want to appeal to government to fight corruption collectively and not selectively because this seed we are sowing today we will fail to control it in the future.”

The traditional leader said respecting the national laws should be paramount.

Senior Chief Nkula has further expressed concern that he is disturbed with reports where his subjects are being dismissed from their jobs without given proper explanation.

And Local Government and Rural Development Minister Hon Garry Nkombo, who was the guest of honor, said the UPND government wants to promote peace and unity as they vigorously campaigned for this before forming government.

Other notable people who attended the installation ceremony include PF Parliamentary Whip Hon Stephen Kampyongo, former PF Deputy Secretary General Hon Mumbi Phiri, Chinsali Central MP Hon Kalalwe Mukosa, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Minister Hon Elias Mubanga, Permanent Secretary at Cabinet Office – Special Duties Patrick Mucheleka, Chinsali Mayor Lucy Mulenga among other dignitaries.


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