The Candidates’ Comment

A year ago today, those who voted and supported the United Party for National Development (UPND) justified themselves saying there is now peace and freedom in Zambia having removed the Patriotic Front from power. A few months later, when signs begun to show that actually, UPND was not as it portrayed itself to the people and whenever anyone pointed out those signs, the useful idiots, praise singers would say “it’s okay; we are now enjoying peace and freedom in Zambia”. Today, you hear less of that enjoyment. There is actually more gloominess arising from the very useful idiots who claimed that they are okay regardless of any hardship under Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND as long as there is peace and freedom in Zambia. Reality has set in; in the lives of these useful idiots that there can never be any peace and freedom in one’s life if such a person is hungry, poor and destitute. Peace nanjala siviyendelana.

The reality out there is that hunger, poverty and destituteness is hitting hard on the very indoctrinated useful idiots who thought changing governments in the same fashion one changes underwear is the answer to their problems. The ongoing wave of protests within the UPND by some elements against their Secretary General is a sign that njala yabanyonkola amambala. But since most of these useful idiots have their thinking capacities formatted such that they are unable to think for themselves, they are directing their anger to the wrong person, Batuke Imenda their Secretary General.

It is not Batuke who has caused you to be hungry, poor and destitute. It is not the Ministers, the Permanent Secretaries and District Commissioners whom you are accusing. It is your demigod Hakainde who is responsible for your misery. Hakainde himself once said that “when people say a leader is a good man but makes bad decisions because he is surrounded by bad people, they ignore the fact that those that surround him, are a reflection of him”. Indeed if Batuke is defective as the protesting useful idiots put it, then the person who has put him on the position of Secretary General is also defective. If the Ministers, PS or indeed the District Commissioners are defective in the eyes of those protesting useful idiots, then, even the person who appointed those is also defective.

Of course the truth is that Hakainde doesn’t care about many of these useful idiots and whatever they may have done personally or collectively to help him win power. Hakainde only cares for his immediate family, his few associates and business partners. These are the people whom he has his allegiances to. The rest can hang and continue to endure the very hunger, poverty and destituteness which everyone else is experiencing under this imperialist administration of Hakainde.

One cannot help but wish and pray that these useful idiots continue to suffer. They must continue to be poor and endure the results of their stupidity, their foolishness. When changing government, these elements made those who did not agree with them feel like such people are step children of God. Well, if the god of these useful idiots has been doing the talking and ruling all this while, clearly, the God of those who opposed these praise singers is now flexing and his voice is louder than all other gods.


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