People are suffering-Obvious Mwaliteta


People are suffering-Obvious Mwaliteta


The rate at which people die suddenly is becoming alarming. Most of us know that we are going through a period of frustration, depression, confusion, terror, stress, etc. All of these factors increase the risk of hypertension, which also leads to heart failure or stroke, and of course we expect sudden death, which is now common.

please avoid being easily provoked by your children, your friends, your colleagues,
superiors, subordinates, partners, husbands and wives. Avoid reacting aggressively.
Isolate yourself from disturbances.
Avoid overthinking.

When there is no money or food in the house, stay calm and collected.

Don’t borrow money to help people around you. Help when you can and don’t break the bank to please others. They will always find something to live for, even without you

avoid heated exchanges of words with people.

At home, at the market, in the office, etc.
Always check your blood pressure,
Take your medicine,
Follow the instructions,
and exercises.
Consult your doctor immediately if you notice any changes in your body,
especially in the chest area.

Stay in peace

Never fight with anyone.
Don’t be anxious about anything, but always PRAY.
Your health is worth more than all the things in the world.
Beware of transferred aggression.

Stay alive for yourself,
Stay alive for your family
Stay alive for your glorious tomorrows,
We only have one life to live,
Stay alive for me, maybe you will help me tomorrow.
Don’t die before your time.
This phase will end.
Everything will be alright…
God bless us all.

Let’s love each other,stay alive and healthy
ADVICE of 2024


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