PEOPLE HAVE LEANT LESSONS… they have realized the biggest mistake they made in 2021, says Hon Kampyongo



…. they have realized the biggest mistake they made in 2021, says Hon Kampyongo

Shiwang’andu District… Wednesday December 20, 2023 (SMART EAGLES)

Shiwang’andu Constituency PF Member of Parliament Hon Stephen Kampyongo says the people of Zambia have leant lessons from the mistake they made in 2021.

Hon Kampyongo says the UPND administration has failed to fulfill their campaign promises thereby subjecting the people of Zambia to total suffering.

He said this today at Chibiya village at Lukaka when he opened up campaigns for the PF Mayembe ward candidate Morgan Malama ahead of the January 23, 2024 polls.

“It is not a secret that a lot of people have regretted voting for the UPND in 2021. They are liars! From all the promises they made, what have they achieved if not to make things worse? They said fertilizer will be reduced to K250 per 50kg bag but now it’s costing over K1, 000. Talk of mealie meal which they promised to be reduced to K50, it’s now over K300 per 25kg bag,” he said.

“When you have a government that does not care for its people, then you should know that there is a big problem. They can’t look after the elderly people, they have failed to distribute the farming inputs to the farmers. How can the price of mealie meal reduce whey they can’t support the local farmers? We need to protect our country from these people who do not mean well for this country.”

Hon Kampyongo also advised the farmers to weigh the little bags of fertilizer they are receiving saying some companies engaged by the UPND government are supplying underweight bags of fertilizer.

“When you receive the same little bags of fertilizer, ensure that you weigh them. Some of these crooks engaged by the UPND government are supplying underweight bags of fertilizer. Put them on the scale and ensure that it’s 50kg. These people are not trusted with anything,” he added.

Ealier, Hon Kampyongo and his campaign team paid a courtesy call on Sub Chief Lukaka to seek blessings before commencing the campaigns.

The former Home Affairs Minister was in the company of New Congress Party (NCP) leader Pastor Peter Chanda.


      • Indigo Tryol you are a foolish criminal who feeds on hate comments about The Republican President. The President doesn’t owe you anything Kembo iwe. P*nyo p*ko iwe

        • Iwe chi Grinch Bob Mpombo.

          You have too much faith in your small god that you are blinded by his imingalato. Use your human brains, not cow brains that your small god gave you.

  1. Yes I totally agree with Hon Kampyongo!! As a matter of fact biggest shock the 1.8m voters have is, what were we thinking giving these pfidiots the vote kanshi?

  2. Edgar Lungu brought butcher of Khartoum Omar al Bashir’s agents to partner with ZCCM-IH in the exploitation of the Kasenseli gold deposit in North-Western province. What has since happened there?

  3. Lol whose lying to these chaps!! PF yes labeniko it was to violent crooked savagery uncultured unpatriotic etc
    So no one realised any thing other than the

  4. It’s actually the opposite of what you are saying, Zambians are now clearly realizing that we did not have leaders in this country and no wonder we are in this mess. What achievement can Kampyongo boast of as Minister of Home Affairs apart from arresting and killing people. Two years down the line, Correctional facilities are still abnormally congested with people he arrested especially opposition supporters. How many widows and orphans did he cause to be? How many parents did he make childless? Many of our people were gassed and their lives were cut short, our markets were being burnt like those in a war zone and yet he failed to arrest anyone and no official report was given to the nation. Which Zambians are realizing that they made a mistake to get rid of all those atrocities and crimes? Which sane Zambian would want to go back to those days of terror? Dreaming is free, you can continue dreaming and dream as much as you can.

  5. The only idiots who are regretting are those headed for jail, they made s mistake of turning the state coffers into ibala and looted and plundered and stole and gassed us and murdered so many innocent Zambians. Even their stinking anuses are scared of where they are going. PRISON. STUPID IDIOTS.

  6. Zambians are wallowing in “Amafi ya kaloba” mwashile!
    Mr Teargas man, which Zambians are regretting other than PF cadres who lost Akasaka kandalama which was giving them miracle money they never knew they could have in their wildest dreams, without breaking a sweat?
    Give HH chance to clean up the mess you left!
    He is not perfect but he is doing things that will bring back this Economy on the right path!
    Just get busy!
    This is how Levy was criticized! His efforts were only appreciated after Levy’s death!

  7. The biggest problem with PF is they lack tactics, how do you allow a person like Kampong to appeal to the Zambian’s, which Zambian is so shallow as to listen to such a person honestly whose credibility is in the negative

  8. Katondo street lying to the people. Pf garbage party has nothing to offer. Hate speech and propaganda is all they know. If there is one useless party it’s pf.

  9. PF live in an echo chamber. They listen to their voices (Yo Maps) and think it is Zambians talking.

    Ba Kampyongo, we are very happy we got rid of you and your PF. Your language was always “Iam warning you…….”.

    Finally, the country is headed in the right direction.

  10. It seems it’s always about the people learning a lesson but not about the PF learning anything. Look iwe Kampyongo, people are not stupid.


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