Given Lubinda


…says PF will be the first former ruling Party to bounce back to power after five years.

Luwingu-Saturday, 9 April, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

Patriotic Front Acting President Given Lubinda says the Zambian People have seen that President Hakainde Hichilema deserves to be called “Bally Muntu Wabufi” in reference to his alleged deceitful nature.

Hon Lubinda said most people are despondent over the ruling UPND Government in the last eight (8) months.

“Everywhere we go people are saying the man deceived us, we voted for him over deceit. They are telling us that they regret voting for Him (Hakainde Hichilema),” Hon Lubinda said.

He was speaking when he drummed up support for PF Candidate Kennedy Katongo in the April 14th Local Government by- election in Lukutu Ward of Luwingu Town Council in Northern Province.

Other party officials present were PF acting Secretary General Nickson Chilangwa, Shiwanga’ndu MP, Hon. Stephen Kampyongo, PF MCC Mpakata Musonda, Lukashya MP Hon. George Chisanga and PF Northern Province Youth Chairman Erick Nsofu.

And Hon Lubinda is hopeful that the peace experienced during the campaigns will continue.

“I just pray that the peace that we have seen will not be betrayed by some people especially UPND. That they do not engage in violence, that they do not engage in throwing out of our poling agents because that is what they know,” he said.

The PF acting President has since implored residents in Lukutu Ward to vote for Katongo of the PF because he is the only credible candidate.

He said katongo had won but was petitioned over flimsy grounds.

He also expressed happiness by the work done by the campaign team in the area.

Meanwhile, Hon Lubinda has sent a strong message to other political parties that the PF will be the first former ruling Party to bounce back to power after five years.

“I hear that the socialist party are going round telling people that the PF lost power so they will never come back but people are disagreeing to that. There is always a first time, yes this was a first time a ruling party lost after ten years, this will be the first party that has lost power, to come back to power in 5 years. I’m happy with the enthusiasm of the people,” he said.


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