By Patson Chilemba

People may have a negative attitude towards the PF today, but we shall explain and they will listen when we start campaigning, says the ruling party’s deputy chairperson for Mobilisation Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM).

And GBM has charged that opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is a danger to society, accusing him of having mobilised people in Monze to boo President Edgar Lungu.

GBM also said the PF has come up with a new strategy to get to every area of the country, even in areas where the party did not have majority support as not everybody there will reject them.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, GBM was asked if the strategy where ruling party leaders have been touring areas where the ruling party was not too popular, was born out of a realisation that their support in urban centers could be waning.

GBM was also asked on the negative sentiment against the party on social and independent traditional media platforms, especially phone in programmes.

But in response, GBM said social media was not a barometer of the popularity of any political party, saying that was why the UPND kept getting it wrong. He said with social media platforms, one could even post 100 comments using different accounts, saying the PF will not be swayed by the negative comments.

GBM said the ruling party had brought unprecedented development, especially in urban areas, and that the economic challenges being faced by the people were not only unique to Zambia alone but globally. He said people more especially in urban areas must understand as they were more enlightened with the happenings globally.

GBM said the PF was comfortable knowing that the people would understand, saying today they may be complaining but when it comes to campaigns and the voting day, everything would be different as the party would explain what was causing the turbulences.

“We shall be explaining and the people will be listening,” GBM said. “Today they may have a negative attitude towards the PF because they haven’t understood fully what has caused the economic turbulence in the country, but when we start campaigning we shall be able to explain to the majority Zambians.”

And GBM elaborated on the new strategy the ruling party had come up with, saying in every fight one has to come up with a strategy and that was what the ruling party had done to get to every area of the country, even in areas where they were not too popular, as not everybody would reject them.

“So basically it’s just another strategy of PF we want to get to everyone and assure everybody that President Lungu means well for everybody in all corners of Zambia in all the 10 provinces. Because in politics I will tell you you don’t underrate anyone, an opponent,” GBM said, adding that PF wanted everyone to know that they had no barriers of tribal lines. “We don’t want to say that Southern, Northern Western or Western belong to UPND. No, as far as we are concerned it’s Zambia because there is only one President and that is President Edgar Lungu. So why shouldn’t we reach out to everyone? That has been our new strategy now.”

President Lungu was booed in Monze recently during one of his countrywide campaign tours. But GBM said he was very disappointed with the behaviour of the people of Monze against the head of state, pointing the responsibility at Hichilema.

GBM said Hichilema was a danger to society, saying having worked with the opposition leader, he must have been the one who sent the people to boo President Lungu.

He said Hichilema must realise that President Lungu was elected with over 100,000 votes over him, and therefore had the people’s mandate. GBM said he was subjected to the same the last time he was in Monze for court appearances, urging the UPND leader that he would not want to be treated in the same manner.

“I have worked with him, he must have been the one who sent the people to boo the President,” said GBM. – Daily Revelation


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