People of Zambia miss President Edgar Chagwa Lungu- Kampamba Mulenga

Kampamba Mulenga
Kampamba Mulenga

Patriotic Front (PF) National Women Chairperson Kampamba Mulenga has said the people of Zambia miss former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Ms Mulenga, the Kalulushi Member of Parliament, said Mr. Lungu brought massive development during his reign as sixth republican President.

Speaking when a team of PF Members of Parliament visited Mr. Lungu at his Lusaka home, Ms. Mulenga said it was a joke to allege that the former Head of State did nothing when in government.

She said Mr. Lungu should be appreciated for the good things he did as republican President.

Ms. Mulenga said the PF was concerned over the ‘persecution’ of Mr. Lungu by the New Dawn Government through law enforcement agencies.

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) this week made a controversial decision to seize a Lodge they thought was owned by President Lungu. The property turned out to belong to someone else according to official ownership records.

Ms Mulenga observed that law enforcement agencies have failed to prove allegations that Mr. Lungu and his former Ministers were thieves one year after they left the government.

Ms. Mulenga assured Mr Lungu and his family of support from the PF especially Members of Parliament.

“We were worried and as women that the rule of law being spoken about is not being implemented. You remember very well when President Hakainde took over he said he would defend the constitution and as a believer, I want to tell you Your Excellence (Edgar Lungu) the Bible say be still I know that I am God. This too will pass. For the last one year they have said we were thieves and he that alleges must prove. There is no need Your Excellence I know that you are torn because it’s been an hectic one year, there is no need to even call for the lifting of your immunity. You have done nothing wrong. One year is a very long time for people to bring proof or evidence before the courts of law or any even before the table and me I just believe that what is happening now we are going to go to the polls in 2026 and my appeal to this Government is that what you do to others shall be done to you too,” Ms Mulenga said.

In the recent past DEC has interrogated President Lungu´s wife, daughter, son in law and his own son but its only this week that they have directly gone for the former head of state who constitutionally enjoys immunity against a probe and prosecution.

“2026 is just around the corner and I think President HH must be the bigger person and begin to stop this nonsense that is happening. The people of Zambia will decide in 2026.The people of Zambia will decide in 2026 whether this is the government that they want or this is the government they do not want. President Lungu we are with you, we are your members of Parliament and as National Chairperson (women) we want to pledge our allegiance to you and your family. We know your daughter is in Parliament and we know what has been going on with your family. And we just want to usher our support to the (former) first family, to madam Lungu (former first lady) and the rest of your family members that we shall stand with you,” she said.

Ms. Mulenga said Mr. Lungu served Zambia diligently as Head of State.

“We know how you worked for the Zambian people. I was your cabinet minister I can attest to that and indeed the people of Zambia miss you. I miss you personally, I miss the very good things that my people benefitted and for all of us to come and say President Lungu did nothing is a joke. We saw massive development. Maybe it is a call to the Zambian people that let us be reminded that what we do unto others will be done un to us and in every matter it is important to remember the good,” Ms. Mulenga said.

She also called on President Hakainde Hichilema to consider dialoguing with Mr. Lungu in the best interest of the nation.

Ms. Mulenga said there is something good President Hichilema could learn from Mr. Lungu.

“President HH is a president of this republic let him converse with his predecessor and iron out problems. The country is at a standstill because everyday it is the issue of DEC and Anti Corruption Commission. The country need to move. We need to arrest the collapsing economy by bringing everybody on board. There is something President HH can also learn from President Lungu.Not everything PF did was bad, so Your Excellence again my verse is ‘Be still I know that I God and in everything God is sovereign. He is the author of our life, our future. He ordained you to be the president of this republic and there is no need at any particular time should you begin to regret. You did a good job. You served this country diligently above everything else. You put in your best. I saw I was your cabinet minister. I was part of what you did so for me and I think everybody else that is why they are here, we have come to offer our solidarity to all the good things the people of Zambia had inherited from your good leadership. The people of Zambia miss you. They miss you, I cannot even begin to explain. Everybody asks about you because of the ongoings in this country. So be still and know that he is God and this too shall pass,” Ms. Mulenga conclusion.


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