[By Richard Luo in Petauke]

FORMER MMD Eastern Province youth chairperson Luka Banda says if people change government in 2021, they will cry.

In interview, Banda said the PF government under President Edgar Lungu had done massively well as it had achieved what all the previous presidents left unachieved.

He cited countrywide gravelling of feeder roads, building of clinics and high class hospitals like Kalindawalo hospital, and schools.

“President Edgar Lungu has done a lot out of all the previous presidents we have had in Zambia. He has put all the developments in place which president Kaunda, president Chiluba, president Mwanawasa, president Rupiah and president Michael Sata left. People in villages see what Lungu has done to them and their areas or communities,” Banda explained.

Banda, who is now in charge of the PF provincial security wing advised Zambians never to vote Edgar Lungu out in 2021 because doing so would be a regrettable decision as people would cry more than they cried when MMD lost power to PF in 2011.

“If we leave Edgar Lungu in 2021, it means we have lost a lot. People cried when MMD lost but we will cry more than we cried when MMD lost power. As it is, let’s leave it for Edgar Lungu to rule until 2026 as he has a better future for Zambia, he has better plans for Zambia and his focus is for the Zambian people,” Banda said.

He challenged youths to get on board and vote vigorously for President Lungu in 2021.

“As youths, let’s cooperate, let’s come on board. We are the government, we are the future leaders. Tomorrow it’s us to be the members of Parliament, ministers or presidents, all we have to do is to work hard for our Zambia…” he said.

Banda assured President Edgar Lungu that youths were behind him and they would not sleep to protect him.

“Work hard Mr President. We are there as youths to support you. We won’t sleep, we will have sleepless nights just to support you…” Banda said.

He advised opposition political parties like the UPND to go and sell their manifesto to the people about what they would like to do.
Banda said currently people have the PF manifesto which they have liked and upheld.

“Recently UPND leader Hakachinde Hichilema was talking about the development which President Edgar Lungu is doing. He has nothing to say to the Zambian people…” said Banda.

Eastern Province PF mobilisation secretary Charles Nyanoka urged Hichilema to lower himself and apologise to President Lungu for uncalled for behavior his supporters exhibited in Monze where they booed the Head of State.

He said PF was not interested in tribal war but peace and unity.

Nyanoka claimed that in various districts they have visited so far, the ground was fertile for PF as people have seen what the ruling government had done and they are ready to go ahead with its leadership.


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