We wish to advise that we have relaunched the People’s Pact.

The People’s Pact is membership based mass movement that was registered on 28th March 2011.

The principal activities of the People’s Pact include collaborative people-based action through promotion of peace, unity and good governance so as to reduce poverty in Zambia.

Its membership includes political parties, NGOs, Faith-based organizations and any other interested or affected entity or person in Zambia, especially those interest to uplift Zambians from jaws of poverty. So far, four political parties and ten NGOs have affiliated and associate with the People’s Pact.

You may recall that under the chairmanship of Col Panji Kaunda in 2011, the People’s Pact organised several rallies across the country in support of the late President Michael SATA, after the failing to reconcile the late SATA with current President Hakainde Hichilema when the UPND-PF Pact collapsed.

Again, the country is at crossroads. The people want the opposition to unite for the purpose of 2026 elections.

However, it appears that unity of purpose is failing the Zambians. It looks like that United Kwacha Alliance (UKA), a new organization that was promising to achieve the feat that the People’s Pact managed so resoundly in 2011, is confronted with inherent problems that won’t be resolved soon.

So, to avoid a leadership gap for mass movement, the People’s Pact has decided to fill in the gap, as UKA sorts out the inherent problems.

In this regard, we will be holding a rally in Kitwe on 5th May 2024 at Changanamai Grounds starting at 13.00hrs. The main purpose of the meeting is to introduce new members of the People’s Pact, and launch our BRICS alternative economic agenda for Zambia. Y

ou are all welcome to attend. We have since notified the Officer in Charge, Riverside Police about the intended meeting and hope that we will proceed as scheduled.

Interim Council Chairperson.


  1. Iam not interested in the opposition coming together for the 2026 elections. An amalgam of political parties will bring more confusion in governance than a single party.

    What I we should be looking at is a non-partisan organisation devoid of political parties to address some of the excesses that we see which are a drain on our national resource. For instance, the abuse of transport by government officials. Why are government vehicles roaming around after working hours instead of being parked? Why should a minister have three vehicles at government expense? Why should we build a house for the former President?

    We are a wasteful nation and we to redirect our resources to needy areas instead of satisfying the cravings of a greedy few.


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