[By Richard Luo in Petauke]

PETAUKE District PF chairperson Braston Mwansa has called on the UPND and its leadership to have respect for President Edgar Lungu.

Speaking after a peaceful protest on Friday against the booing of President Lungu by Monze residents, Mwansa said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was not worthy being Republican president.

“Please, Hakainde, you are not eligible to be the president for 2021, even your MPs are not eligible to be the MPs for they shun progressive discussions in Parliament. They are just wasting money for people who voted for them. Hakainde, sit down with your people, we don’t want this nonsense (booing) otherwise you are going to create war…” he said.

Mwansa advised President Lungu to concentrate on taking development to his strongholds because other areas people fail to appreciate his love for them.

“My President, people of Southern Province don’t appreciate. Even if you buy them an aeroplane or put them on your back, they don’t appreciate and they will never appreciate,” Mwansa said.

“Mr President, concentrate on your strongholds. You have tried your level best vavuta and we are tired kunvela matusi (hearing insults) from Southern Province. The President was once blocked in Mongu, we had a by-election, they used juju by sending bees to attack our members and now the President goes to check on the delivered development, they start insulting him! What do you want you people? Come 2021 president Edgar Lungu wapita wampiti…” Mwansa said.

He also asked the youths to be prepared to defend the President at all cost and further asked the police to pave way for PF cadres to work to restore the respect for President Lungu.

“Youths, let’s be prepared so that we see where this battle we have started will take us. HH wants to bring war where there is no war, so please police officers, we beg you, at this period give us a chance for my children to work…” asked Mwansa.

PF provincial mobilisation member Rahab Zulu said it pains to see their child Lungu being insulted while on duty “for things that benefit the critics”.

She said from now onwards, Hichilema should not be allowed in Eastern Province.

“We are at pains that our child, Edgar Lungu, who is also the national president whom we sent to deliver development is being insulted and treated like a useless person in Southern Province. We are not happy and as Easterners, catibaba (it pains us) hence starting from today here in Eastern Province Hakainde tumufuna lini (we don’t want him) and he will not hold a meeting here in Eastern Province,” said Zulu.

A youth Grey Daka known as King Bobota has promised never to allow Hakainde to enter Eastern Province.
Daka warned that if Hichilema forces himself to go to Eastern Province, he would remain in the province while his chopper would return alone to Lusaka.

“As a commander of youths in Eastern Province, we shall not allow Hakainde to enter this region. We have tolerated him enough, this time, no,” Daka said.

Another youth Luka Banda known as Luka Wire said Eastern, including Petauke, was President Lungu’s quarantine area where no opposition was allowed.

“This is a no go area for Hakainde. The soldiers of Edgar Lungu in Eastern Province are not happy with what HH and his people did. Hakainde will not enter Petauke unless he goes and apologises to the President for what his people did. Here in Petauke it’s Edgar Lungu’s quarantine area. We don’t want Hakainde’s foot here,” Banda said.

The protesting PF members started from government guesthouse via the Catholic Church, the central business district and back to the council chamber.

As they marched, the PF cadres blocked the main road while motorists and other road users gave way.


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