IN most Zambian tribes, one can only ascend to chieftainship if one belongs to a specific family lineage.

But in Ikelengi District in North Western Province, there is a unique chief occupying the throne.
In the Lunda tribe, one can only become a chief if one is a son, a nephew or, to lesser extent, a daughter to a chief who previously occupied the throne.

But Peter Fisher, who is fondly known as Chindeli cha ka Lunda (white Lunda chief) was bestowed as Chief Nyamwana in 2016 as an honour for the family’s unwavering support to the local people.

Fisher has been a chief for almost four years now after a ceremony which was attended by almost all the Lunda chiefs of Ikelengi and Mwinilunga districts.

His children, Peter and Andy, are fluent in Lunda too.
Next month, Fisher (Chief Nyamwana ) will be celebrating four years since his ascendancy to the throne.

His bestowment was witnessed by Senior Chief Kanongesha who presides over the two districts which are rich in pineapples.

Although his role is purely ceremonial, Fisher defied all odds when he was picked to become a co-Chief Nyamwana.

To many local people though, this was not a surprise because the Fisher family which came to Zambia – then called Northern Rhodesia – are a household name in Ikelengi and Mwinilunga districts.  – Times of Zambia



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