PF IS acting like a terrorism society that wants to use violence to perpetuate its stay in power, says All Nations Church Overseer Bishop Timothy Chisala.

Bishop Chisala has questioned the silence of Patriotic Front government over the gassing incidents the country experienced early this year.

Addressing members of parliament in February, Vice-President Wina said the government had deployed soldiers to suppress a wave of attacks on civilians by gangs using an unidentified gas to immobilise their victims.

“We cannot continue to see people being terrorised,” said Vice-President Wina. “These are terrorists’ crimes that the State must respond to in a manner that befits terrorists’ crimes. They are meant to make the country ungovernable and we will find the culprits.”

On Sunday, Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops president Bishop George Lungu asked Zambians to demand the truth about the gassing which terrified the nation early this year.

Bishop Lungu said people should demand the truth about the origins of the gassing incidents.

He said people should not fear but ask relevant questions about those terrifying experiences.

“Fear to demand the truth about the gassing rampage that tormented our people. You remember, it’s not long ago, basi zii (it’s quiet), as if nothing happened. Who cares? But sometimes it’s fear to challenge the situation. What happened? Who was behind it?” asked Bishop Lungu. “We want to know. Otherwise, it is going to repeat itself. You can imagine an evil scheme that turned peace-loving Zambians into mob killers; dragging people into the streets, stone them, kill them, burn them. Suddenly, what has happened?”

Adding his voice on the matter, Bishop Chisala said the PF government should stop using deceptive means to remain in power.

“As citizens we deserve answers from the government. We have had a lot of issues in our country that require answers from the government. We are not a mafia state,” he said. “You can’t be lying to the people all the time. The use of deceptive means to remain in power is evil. What happened to the gassing incidents? Who was behind this? How far are the cases that were before court gone? That is why we say PF is a group of terrorists. PF is acting like a terrorism society that wants to use violence to perpetuate their stay in power.”

Bishop Chisala said Zambians need answers over the gassing incidents.

“I vividly remember Her Honour the Republican Vice-President madam (Inonge) Wina saying that these gassings were an act of terrorism. She said this on the floor of the House, in Parliament. So was Madam Wina telling lies in Parliament? Don’t fool the people. We know what started this campaign, it’s just a way of dividing attention in the nation,” he said.

Bishop Chisala said the people have not forgotten about the City Market fires.

“We still remember the City Market fires. Who was behind that? Even now we don’t have answers. It is clear that this is also a calculated move by the PF administration. So these plans will not work out. We know the desperation of the PF. Instead of focusing energy to key issues affecting the people, the PF are on double dealings,” he said.

Bishop Chisala said the government cannot afford to remain mute on key national issues.

“This story of gassing will not just end. We will still demand answers from the government. They know who is behind and they should tell us. As citizens we will hold the PF administration accountable. They are the ones behind the gassings,” he said.

Bishop Chisala said Vice-President Wina should be above board and speak the truth.

“To the Vice-President, we want to encourage her to always speak the truth. Lies have short legs and she is now caught in her own lies. Madam Vice-President, we know you can do better,” said Bishop Chisala.


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