NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba.


ZAMBIA can be a better place without President Edgar Lungu and the PF, says NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba.

He warns that with the collapsing of the Bill 10, PF leaders are like a wounded buffalo although their time is up.

The former justice permanent secretary said it was gratifying to hear DP president Harry Kalaba admitting that he and those that worked hard to make Edgar Lungu the Head of State made a mistake.

During a courtesy call on chief Mukuni at Lumpasa Palace recently, Kalaba said President Lungu should have not been anywhere near power, to which Mukuni reminded Kalaba that he helped create a monster in President Lungu.

Akafumba said had those that pushed for President Lungu listened to the acting Republican president Guy Scott, Zambia would not have been in a mess it is now.

“Dr Scott just like Michael Sata has a lot wisdom. He could see what Sata wanted. They shared the same vision but that was discarded when Sata died and now we are paying a heavy price both in debt, poverty, unemployment and non-payment of retirees,” he said. “It’s a shame but I can tell you that Zambia can be a better place without President Edgar Lungu and the PF.”

Akafumba said PF leaders were now so ashamed for having lost the Bill 10 enactment.

He warned that the PF government would now be more ruthless than ever.

“They have been wounded, they will now behave like a wounded buffalo. They will go for anyone in their way to winning the 2021 elections. But as I always say the writing is on the wall. Zambians are fed up and they should just prepare to hand-over power next year. Their time is up,” said Akafumba.


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