NAKONDE – 16/06/20
Patriotic Front cadres in Nakonde were this afternoon nuetralised and humiliated after their mission to attack UPND cadres who were having meals at Zwangendaba lodge failed.
United Party for National Development, Deputy Chairperson for Local government and Housing, Brian Ndumba has warned Patriotic Front cadres in Nakonde that their strategy of attacking and threatening opposition political party members with pangas and machetes is over because UPND can no longer tolerate their jungle tactics and are ready to defend themselves.

Mr Ndumba said this after a group of PF cadres approached them and in their usual style and tried to launch an attack while they were having dinner at a restaurant at Zwangendaba lodge.

He said customers at the lodge panicked and called the police after realising that UPND were not ready to watch panga carrying PF cadres attack them.
“Police arrived on the scene on time and PF cadres retreated leaving UPND members at the Lodge, the residents who were attracted by police presence shouted forward chabe, forward chabe” said Mr Ndumba.

Mr Ndumba who is in Nakonde said he was happy that, UPND has increased its visibility and contacts with good realistic messages to reach out and persuade voters compared to the Patriotic Front which has led to most families struggle to live descent lives due to PF failed leadership and corruption.

“ Loss of popularity has downed on PF hence resorting to intimidation and violence, they totally lack the means to appeal to voters directly because Zambians are aware about corruption and how they have plunged the country into debt. Zambians know that PF has caused the problems they are facing” said Mr Ndumba.


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