PF Begins Engagements To Protect Democracy And Constitutionalism, Meet Council Of Catholic Bishops



Lusaka- Tuesday, 7th November 2023

Patriotic Front leaders led by Vice President, Hon. Given Lubinda met the Zambia Council of Catholic Bishops and had a cordial meeting.

Following concerted attacks and efforts to steal, kill and destroy the Patriotic Front, the largest Opposition party in Zambia, and the shrinking democratic space in Zambia, the leaders have begun to engage stakeholders in democracy.

The Patriotic Front has expressed concern that the UPND Government was engaged in destroying the Patriotic Front and the Opposition in Zambia and it was therefore imperative that stakeholders keen to protect democracy in Zambia were appraised and were moving in one accord.


  1. PF1 SG is just making a fool of himself, always moving with binoculars but seeing nothing. He couldn’t see Sampa organizing a convention, appoint new office bearers and eventually take over the leadership of PF. Why not just throw them away for they are serving no purpose. Maybe they only see HH and UPND.

  2. It’s disgusting that the Given Lubinda’-led PF faction has lost all sense of responsibility and stamina to face Miles Sampa, and waste their time and energy trying to drag President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND government into their wrangles.

  3. Following up on moneys they gave them as “church support” and somehow hoping to get miraculous favor from the Lord. Somehow they miss the fact that you cannot buy favor from God. Godridah went round churches dishing out unaccounted for monies and they were sure they had bought voters to vote for ECL’s continuity. ECL threatened Constitutional Court judges against a judgement that would bar him. The Judges cowed ( cant blame them, PF was a terror regime) and created the greatest Constitutional Court blunder in the history of this country. Yet it took the Zambian voter to vote against their Judgement and embarrass Edgar and his cohorts. Now they are going back for “payback prayers”? Kkikikikiki

  4. The council of Catholic bishops are residents in Zambia can they honestly agree that the space for democracy is shrinking? We are more free than we ever were under the PF. What those PF s want is that the government should fight against Miles Sampa fir ÈCL to retain his presidential position in the party.

  5. PF are a criminal enterprise. They have no moral right to talk about democracy and constitutionalism, the very concepts they destroyed during their reign of terror. In their pervasive malignancy, even the Catholic church was not spared. Mr. Malanji, the former PF MP for Kwacha East (?), donated a Mercedes Benz to a priest in his constituency! Another priest advocated for rigging of the 2021 elections to ensure PF retained power.

    They took away our freedoms and threatened to crush our bones if we dared to demonstrate. Some people were unfortunately murdered by the PF regime – Joseph Kaunda, Nsama Nsama, Vesper, et al.

    Yes, we need to be alert and put pressure on the current government so that history does not repeat itself. Trust is good but control is better.

    PF have absolutely no shame. They were an extremely oppressive and corrupt regime and now they want to appear like they are champions of democracy and constitutionalism!

    PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.


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