When you see a ruling party behaving like the opposition just know that their exit time is fast approaching. How can a ruling party that claims to control the majority of the people in the country sink so low and send cadres to the house of the biggest opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND to protest against his refusal to support the famous Bill 10? That is desperation and clearly shows that the PF can do anything possible to ensure that the retrogressive bill passes.

But one thing that is clear is that Bill 10 is dead and it is awaiting burial. From the onset, this bill was ill conceived. It had a bad motive of destroying the many gains that this country has made in achieving its democracy status. This bill contained clauses that only serves the interest of one leader together with his cohorts who feel threatened in an event that they lose elections in 2021.

The PF should know that they can no longer cheat the Zambian people. This is why even their evil bill has been widely rejected. Even PF members do not need this bill because they know it affects their ambitions of ascending to the top party leadership.

If the PF has any sense of shame and remorse they must withdraw this bill before they embarrassed during voting day in Parliament. They have no numbers, the opposition are against it, some PF genuine Members of Parliament do not want it, and the only way they can save their faces is to immediately withdraw it and pick lessons from it.

Barnabas Robert Zulu Jnr
Governance Activist


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