FROM police uniforms, PF cadres have now turned to wearing Zambia Army, Correctional Services and ZAF fatigues.

On Friday, a senior Zambia Army officer had a hard time to convince the PF cadres at a named bar in broad daylight wearing the ruling party T-shirts printed ‘Edgar Lungu 2021’ but some wore military trousers of the Zambia Army, ZAF and the Zambia Correctional Services to vacate the premises.

When approached by this reporter, the army officer who asked for anonymity and was in the company of a ZAF junior officer, said he had given the cadres wearing military fatigues 10 minutes to leave the bar.

“Thanks that you have come to me, these cadres are now entering our bedroom and we will not condone such behaviour. They can if they are used to wearing police uniforms, not army or ZAF. We will deal with them, this is the last warning,” the officer said. “When I approached them, some said they have been advising their friends to stop wearing military uniforms. But this is not the case because they do so before senior leaders such as ministers and worse, the Head of State. We will not allow our identity (uniform) to be politicised.”

Upon seeing this reporter talking to the army officer, the PF cadres whisked away the cadre with clad in military trousers that was similar to a ZAF uniform into a taxi.

Another PF cadre spoken to said the group was from attending a funeral at former Southern Province minister Alice Simango’s farm when they stopped to drink beer at a named bar in 2-17 area.


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