April 27, 2023

Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson Thabo Kawana says the Patriotic Front has been caught up in its on trap due to non adherence to its own constitution and the republican constitution.

Mr. Kawana says allegations made by the PF that President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA and the UPND are behind plans to deregister the PF using the Registrar of Societies are unfortunate.

Speaking this afternoon during a press briefing, Mr. Kawana said the PF’s troubles with the Registrar of Societies span back as far as April 2021 when the PF was in office.

“In April 2021, the UPND and President Hichilema were in opposition busy running away from teargasses and getting arrested by the PF and the same PF was already having problems with the Registrar of Societies,” he charged.

Mr. Kawana said that the Registrar of Societies has simply asked the PF to put their house in order by having Office Bearers registered at the Registrar of Societies as stipulated by the Societies Act.

“For a political party to be fully registered, there should be a list of at least ten Office Bearers who should possess a Green National Registration Card and a security clearance,” he revealed.

Mr. Kawana also disclosed that a party is mandated to bank with the Registrar of Societies a constitution which states how it will govern itself.

He said the PF has been caught up in its own trap by having a party President who wrote a letter that he had left active politics and resigned as PF President with Davis Mwila also checking out as party Secretary General.

Mr. Kawana revealed that PF Office Bearers in Mr. Samuel Mukupa has no NRC and security clearance to his name, Mrs Monica Mwale Mwansa, Annie Nyirenda Tisha all having no security clearance to their names and Hon. Emerine Kabanshi having no security clearance. Others are Hon. Freedom Sikazwe and Hon. Stephen Kampyongo both having no security clearance.

He charged that the list of PF Office Bearers is incomplete as it is not in line with the Societies Act hence cannot be banked as a list of Office Bearers.

Mr. Kawana wondered how the PF that failed to rectify their problems with the Society from 2021 could today claim that President Hichilema and the UPND want them to be deregistered.

He said that the behaviour of the PF speaks to the impunity with which the former regime broke the law with so much impunity and disregard for the national constitution including their own.

Recently, the Registrar of Societies threatened to deregister the PF for not complying with the Societies Act of availing a full and complete list of the Office Bearers.



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