Cornelius Mweetwa

Choma Central Constituency Patriotic Front Campaign Manager Jackson Makwamba has condemned UPND Choma Central Constituency candidate Cornelius Mweetwa for referring to the PF as human waste.

Addressing electorates at Simpwezye village of Nakeempa ward, Makwamba says the UPND candidate has realized that people of Choma can no longer be cheated hence using hate speech against the ruling party.

Mr Makwamba stressed that hate speech by the UPND will not stop the people from voting for the PF candidate Kenneth Moola who is development-oriented.

He said people of Choma Central Constituency have realized that UPND has taken them for granted by retaining people who are known for sarcasm devoid of development.

Mr Makwamba has urged the people of Simpweze village to reject UPND candidates because they have failed to bring development in the last 22 years.

The former Choma Mayor however said that the PF government has a serious program to put up a Mini hospital in Nakeempa village.

Yesterday, UPND CHOMA Central Constituency candidate told the people of Masuku ward that Mr Moola is a good person but the party he contested is as good as fecal matter.

Meanwhile Late Daniel Munkombwe’s wife, Ann Munkombwe has advised women in Southern Province to stand up and reject leaders who have been in power but have failed to sacrifice their own resources.

Meanwhile, Late Daniel Munkombwe’s wife, Ann has advised people of Choma Central Constituency not to vote for leaders that have failed to roll out development.

Mrs Mukombwe says immediate past UPND Choma Central Constituency Cornelius Mweetwa has failed to put up communal projects such as dip tanks and clinics.

Addressing electorates at Simpwezye village in Nakeempa ward , Mrs Munkombwe challenged women in rural areas to stand up and vote for people who will address their challenges.
She said women are the ones who face challenges when a leader is incompetent.

Mrs Munkombwe said its high time for voters to start rejecting with some leaders who do not stand with them in difficult times.

And senior citizen Gift Choongo has challenged the people of Choma to question leaders that have been representing them for ten years without development.
He said its embarrassing to have leaders who do not show love to their people.

He said people of Nakeempa will teach UPND Choma Central Constituency candidate Cornelius Mweetwa and UPND a lesson during this year’s elections.

Mr Choongo said the people have been cheated for a long time by the UPND candidate Mr Mweetwa.


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