By Banda Sakanya

Defections creates a greasy gloomy picture on the side of the defected and that is why PF has invested so much in buying off vulnerable councillors with money or with promises of jobs.

PF was banking on Bill 10, but after looking at how tattered the Bill has been punched in by gallant men and women of wisdom and integrity, PF has been left with no option but to intensify its evil mission of luring vulnerable upnd councilors with promises of jobs and money.

Coming to the issue at hand, of Lufwanyama Councilors, two weeks ago PF Deputy National Mobilization Chairman GBM said UPND should brace for more defections of its members to the ruling party due to lack of a clear vision.
He said people have realised that HH has no strategies and he is not taking them anywhere.
If you look at one Upnd councilor’s defection letter, the date written of his defection was 20 June 2020 and it is corresponding with the day GBM gave his statement on defections.

If one is a novice in politics, such a one would easily give up.

One PF leader was on copper belt about two (2)weeks, he ordered to meet all the councilors from ruling and opposition.
Some opposition councillors were met secretly.
Information received is that these councillors were promised Jobs in the mines.

PF is failing to remit civil servants funds on loans to lending institution making civil servants accounts blocked in a bid to recover it’s money but yet PF has the same deducted funds from civil servants salaries which it is using to buy off councilors.

It is naive of GBM to hallucinate that HH has no vision and strategies.
It is him GBM who has no vision and no strategies, no wonder had no option but to go back to PF and re-join ECL he called all sorts of names and labeled him a corrupt thief leader.

PF your time is over and no amount of treachery shall help you.


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