PF continues keeping party presidency for Lungu

FORMER president Edgar Lungu’s scheme to return to the PF presidency has continued to delay the elective General Conference and throwing the former ruling party into further chaos.

The party’s central committee met yesterday but did not set date to replace the Lungu leadership that responsible for getting it kicked out of power in 2021.

On Wednesday, one the party’s most passionate defenders Antonio Mwanza ditched the party saying it lacked direction.

Mwanza said the party had been held hostage by “clique” that doing everything to ensure there was no general conference.

Insiders have repeatedly told Kalemba that Lungu and his close associates are using every trick in the book to return the former president to the helm the PF.

According to the sources, wants to contest the 2026 general election after being convinced that only he can beat President Hakainde Hichilema.



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