Binwell Mpundu

By Binwell Chansa Mpundu

After all is said and done it was always going to come back to me making a decisions as a man. And after wider consultations I have arrived at a decision which I feel is in the best interest of the party particularly to safeguard the presidential vote as well as in the best interest of the people of Nkana.

The public is aware that this is the second time am aspiring to lead the people of Nkana and that I have proved beyond all doubts that iam loyal to the party that has politically built me up as a young leader.
I have now come under extreme pressure from the people of Nkana who have thrown it into my face that it will be an act of cowardice if I abandon them as I did in 2016 in the name of loyalty. Secondly i feel duty bound to harness the frustrated voters who have vowed to stay away if I do not meet their demand to walk into the August election with them.

I there wish to thank the central committee for considering my application and will not at anytime question their wisdom regarding their decision over Nkana but in the interest of the party and the people of nkana, I wish to announce that I will be standing as an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE for the NKANA PARLIAMENTARY SEAT on 12th August 2021 and will support the candidature of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Like the prodigal son I wish to ask my superiors to bear with me that I have to do this purely in their best interest and well as in the interest of the people of Nkana and when the assignment is done whether I emerge Victorious or not i will come me back into the fold (pantu umwana kasembe).

To the people of Nkana I wish to state that I have heard your calls and even though I had an easy way out that would have unfortunately only benefited me and my family I have chosen you(the people of Nkana) because you deserve nothing but good leadership which I promise you.This election is not for us the politicians, its for you the people pantu ichikalipa chumfwa umwine. So you have the ultimate power to emerge Victorious by choosing the leaders you want and desire.

To God be the glory.



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