Nairobi-12th September 2022

A delegation of senior members of the Patriotic Front have arrived in Nairobi,Kenya to attend the Inauguration Ceremony of President-Elect William Ruto scheduled for Tuesday, 13th September 2022.

The delegation led by Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee and Chairman of the Information and Publicity and former Minister of Water Affairs, Hon. Raphael Nakacinda, former Mines Minister Hon. Richard Musukwa, former Ambassador to Ethiopia and former Permanent Representative to the African Union, Emmanuel Mwamba arrived in Nairobi at the invitation of the Kenyan Government.

At least 20 Heads of State have confirmed attendance at President-elect William Ruto’s swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday

The Assumption of the Office of the President Committee said that they are expecting at least 2,500 VIPs during the event, who will include senior government officials from other nations across the region and beyond as well as members of the diplomatic corps.

US President Joe Biden on Saturday, September 10, approved a delegation of five to attend President-elect William Ruto’s swearing in ceremony on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

Meanwhile Mr. Nakacinda, who is also Member of the Central Committee said they were happy to be in Nairobi to witness the inauguration of a committed pan-African son, popularly elected by his people.


  1. It is good to invite the losers so that if they are wise, they can learn from their loser friends how to behave when you lose elections. Stupid idiots.

  2. At least inga ama Binoculars mwachiyasha mu Zambia for your safety Kanabesa, ba Kikuyu naba Masai will spear you if you make a mistake of “zooming on them”, these are Mau Mau Descendants tabangala, ask the British they will tell you!

  3. I hope Ruto knows what PF is and stands for. They were rejected in Zambia because their cadres used to beat people in markets and bus stations including police officers. I hope Ruto is not planning to rule Kenya the way PF ruled Zambia. Kenyans should also remember that PF is desperate to have friends outside Zambia and if Ruto’s coalition is clever they will distance themselves from this useless party that is dying anyway.

  4. I hope Ruto has put into consideration the relationship between his government and zambian!!! How on earth he invites an opposition instead of a seating government?

  5. Kikikiki you have made me laugh . For sure this binoculars guy he is so annoying in conduct and speech. Hope he won’t zoom into Mau Mau.


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