By Florence Muyunda CIC Private Reporter – Choma (Southern Province)


It has come to our attention as CIC that in Choma District Mobile Registration of NRCS has not started despite the earlier announcement by the home affairs Minister Steven Kapyongo that southern Province is part of the second phase of mobile NRCS Registration which was scheduled to start on Sunday 20th Sept 2020. The check by CIC today found that the entire district has only machine that is operational all the other machines that are meant for mobile Registration are not yet in the district the only Machine working since Monday is a Machine from the District Registration Office which was moved to a school called st Patricks basic school.

Inside source also told this Reporter that the officers have been told to give out only 50 NRCs per day.

Alot of Citizens have been going and returned everyday and these officers have been told to be knocking off at 1530hrs by their higher Authorities like they did yesterday on the 22 Sept 2020

The Authorities have also made sure that power goes at 06hrs to 14hrs leaving little time for the officers to issue NRC, some well wishers tried to give some gen sets and fuel to easy the work of the officers at the center only to be told that we can only use government gensets

Rigging Next year’s elections is at it crymarks if unchecked very few people will be registered the whole district.

In the pictures are the people who went to get their official citizenship only to be told to go back and try tomorrow without the NRCs


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