We would like to to make it very clear to the PF government under Mr Edgar Lungu that his governments desperations of trying by all means to find a fault in Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the people of Southern province won’t be condoned.

It is shameful that the PF government is ready to shed innocent blood just to secure their long stay in power. We have all the intelligence information on how those military weapons he bought will be distributed across the country and Southern province being his target number one followed by N.Western, Western, Lusaka, Central and Copperbelt provinces. This week Mr Edgar Lungu was scheduled to visit Southern province after hiring thugs who were tasked to try to attack him and put the blame on the opposition UPND leader president Hakainde Hichilema and then attack the people of Southern province. The visit has been cancelled after we exposed this evil scheme.

We advice all Zambians in these emarked regions to stay away from Mr Edgar Lungu and PF government when they visit. Because they are ready to cause trouble at any time.

The desperate attempt to demonize HH by PF and it’s surrogates is a political boomerang. The PF intelligensia is Bewitched by both envy and unprecedented frenzy to stay afloat by clinging to a floating straw in the Social and Economic storm of their failed management. They have lost sanity along with judgement.
Two errors will decively drive the last nail in their coffin of Political relevancy: failure to define HH’s personality and downplaying the power of the digital space.

Truth be told, HH has overgrown his individuality. He is now an embodiment of hope and a salvage instrumentality for our paralysed economy.

A quick reflection on our last disputed election should tame any rabid political extremist in their tracks. Almost 50% of the votes cast during the last general election have galvanised to inflate HH’s personality. HH is possibly by now 60%+ of Zambians! Any misguided attack on his personality is an attack of more than 60% of the oppressed Zambians from across the tribal spectrum.

The first miscalculation lies in the untenable attempt to eliminate him politically by Hook or crook. HH by ideal description is more than an individual as he now represent hope and feasibly the only indispensable option for many Zambians. Maligning him is lamentably failing each day.

The digital landscape has enabled a balanced access to information globally. Attempts to misrepresnt facts have been buttressed within minutes by counter facts. PF is underplaying the power of digital influence. Anyone this time can verify facts with a click of a button.
No one has ever challenged the feasibility and pragmatism in HH’s proposed management plan. Professionals have been beaten hands down and the only thing, they can find is the barbaric Tribal rantings that have since dominated their modus operandi.

Unlike the prophets in the religious circles, his social and economic prophecies which he has relentlessly and lovingly issued as advisories and early warning to PF have found perfect fulfilment. As an economic pundit, his timely trajectories had they not been landing on deaf ears could have averted the broiling hyper inflationary whirlwind.

HH is now the litmus test of Patriotism. His survival in the hell created for him by PF is irrefutable evidence of his unmatchable capability to manage national level crisis.
It’s lamentable to see how professionals with publicly acclaimed credentials can stoop so far below as to betray the nationalist values for their personal experience. Think of the many virgins turning into instant prostitutes, orphans crowding the streets, Persons with Disabilities defrauded of their meagre funds all because of failed management.

Who is the enemy of the people between what HH is proposing to do and what PF has done? What other evidence of failure are looking for. PF should simply stop their desperate miscalculation and own up.

Sikaile Sikaile
Good Governance and Human rights Activist


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