Innocent Kalimanshi

3rd May 2021


As expected, the PF through Mumbi Phiri have disowned Innocent Kalimanshi as not being their member by alleging he is a UPND who was sent as a spy into the PF.

This is barely two weeks ago when the PF again disowned their members who stormed and attacked a civil servant at the Ministry of Works.

We have repeatedly told Zambians that PF will never take responsibility for anything, whether it be broken economy, break down in law and order, and other ills that they blame it on other people or situations.

As a responsible political party, we in the UPND do not deny that Kalimanshi once joined our party together with our former Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM), but he together with GBM again went back to rejoin the PF.

The disowning and discarding of their erring members by the PF should be a lesson to all those who are being paraded as defectors joining or rejoining the PF.

They will pretend to accept you today, use you to do and say evil things against the Zambian citizens, then discard you when things backfire on the image of the PF.

Can you imagine after all the heinous crimes Kalimanshi has been doing publicly, including insulting ministers, yet he was being tolerated when it suited the PF, today because of the public backlash on the violence that took place at the PF secretariat, they have disowned him by labelling him as a UPND member.

Even assuming Kalimanshi was a UPND member, does that justify as the reason he was merciless beaten by PF with properties damaged by PF thugs. Is that the way the PF would like to treat the opposition members?

For now, all those who are resigning from your political parties to join the PF should know that you are not being trusted, as you are viewed as spies who are just being used and they will discard you when they feel you are no longer relevant.

*Patrick Mucheleka*
*UPND Deputy Secretary General*


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