THE PF is in its last kicks of a dying horse, says People’s Alliance for Change secretary general Gerald Mulao.

And Mulao says PF member Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s price comparison campaign is fraudulent and has no basis.

“The outgoing Patriotic Front (PF) is now displaying the last kicks of a dying horse by trying to justify the high cost of living in Zambia to that of other countries in the region. Instead of working out solutions to the mess they have put us in because of a failed leadership system, PF members such as Chishimba Kambwili, his colleague GBM and others have now gone on rampage in the media trying to cheat the Zambian people,” Mulao said. “We would like to dispel the cheap campaign of PF senior cadre GBM in trying to justify the cost of living in the region comparing Zambia to other countries. …Even if the price of mealie meal in South Africa is slightly more expensive than that of Zambia, the two countries have completely different GDPs (gross domestic product) or simply the buying power of citizens in the two countries is not the same.”

He said the PF cadres justifying the high cost of living have no any economic understanding.

“The GDP per capita for Zambia is projected to reach USD1,650 by the end of 2021 whilst that of South Africa is hitting USD5,090 by the end of the year. Our economic growth rate is in the negative index whilst our colleagues in SA though their economic growth slumped by 2.6 per cent it’s still growing by 4.6 per cent,” Mulao noted. “It’s therefore delusional for GBM and chief tribalist CK to try and champion a campaign basing their arguments on economic statistics. Prices of all major commodities, including things locally produced have gone high in this country and we all know what has led to that. So do not think you can continue cheating us.”

He said it was very unfortunate that seasoned politicians like Mwamba were the ones spreading lies to Zambians instead of helping their party by telling them that they have failed and that “it is time for them to leave before they destroy our country completely.”

Mulao said the PF should just come up with more convincing manifesto.

“…a more convincing manifesto which speaks to the current debt situation, joblessness and governance solutions because Zambians are above rhetorical statements,” said Mulao. “Zambians are looking for brains which PAC is offering. No caderism beyond 12th August 2021 because cadres like GBM will always justify wrong things as long as it benefits them. What we are looking for are real solutions which will put our country back on the right track.”


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