PF don’t get high on your own stuff

If there is a political party that is so good at creating narratives its the PF. Remember narratives like; umu Tonga teti ateke, the Hatembos, 2021 we will retire XYZ, we will win by 500, 000 votes, etc.

So strong were these narratives that even ‘established media houses started parroting them. Media who, based on their expertise, could have easily gotten the reality from a quick poll on a street corner. I remember one governance expert ‘calling the election’ soon after the voter registration exercise. The ‘ba opposition tabakwata ama numbers’ narrative.

We saw these same hypnotical powers again during the campaigns for the Kabwata by-election. The by now former ruling party was so convinced Zambians were already so fed up with the New Dawn ensemble that Kabwata would be a walk over. The rest is history as they say.

Now the PF are back with the ‘escalating cost of living’ narrative. They are now telling us that things have become so bad under Bally that Zambians can’t wait to go back to the days of the self proclaimed ‘Alpha & Omega’ and his commanders.

But the problem with the PF is that they believe their own propaganda. They get high on their own stuff! See how PF platforms are throwing around the ‘cost of living’ narrative. It’s so clear they are utterly convinced that Zambia as we know it will cease anytime soon should Bally continue another day. This, from a political party that basically spent the last 7 years laying waste of everything about our country in utter bliss!!

We see they have convinced themselves that the ‘New Dawn Armageddon’ is quickly approaching just as they convinced themselves ‘alebwelelapo’ and no one could manage to convince them otherwise. It seems they have even convinced someone that ‘Zambians are missing him.’ Poor soul, easily convinced!!

But propaganda has rules. Rule 1 of propaganda is ‘never believe your own propaganda.’ Rule 2 is’if in doubt refer to rule number 1′

Nipano tuli


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