By Agness Changala-Katongo

The PF has become its own opposition, dismissed Lusaka Provincial Women vice chairlady a has charged.

And Banda says those who are celebrating her dismissal, are fighting a losing battle.

PF secretary General Davies Mwila this morning revoked the appointment of Banda as vice chairlady with immediate effect, citing her alleged continued misconduct contrary to the expected behavior in jurisdiction of duty as Provincial vice chair lady.

Mwila also ordered Banda to surrender all party materials to the Provincial chairman or his office without fail.

And reacting to her dismissal with Daily Revelation, Banda said instead of uniting the party as one family, the PF members were fighting themselves.

“Within our party, the goodness is mu Zambia tatukwete (there is no) opposition. The opposition is within ourselves. Yes, instead of uniting the party together as one family, we are trying to fight each other,” Banda said.

Asked if she was given an opportunity to be heard before the decision was made, Banda responded in the negative.

“Nothing my dear, that’s why I am saying we are fighting each other within the party but it’s fine. These are politics. Whatever they have done to me doesn’t mater, I still remain Charity Katongo Banda and a powerful PF founder member and very powerful. With or without a position, I am powerful,” Banda said.

She said if the party thought she had something wrong, she should have been allowed to exculpate herself.

“I should be given a chance to exculpate myself, not so? Which misconduct is the party referring to? They would have mentioned which misconduct. Someone needs to exculpate herself or himself,” Banda said.

The former Lusaka Provincial vice chairlady said she was very happy with her dismissal as it showed that she was not a nonentity.

“When people are attacking you with things you don’t know, you just have to receive it,” she said.” And that’s when you become more stronger. I don’t know anything.You know that letter doesn’t tell anything. I don’t know whatever they are talking about. I don’t know, I don’t know,” she said.

Banda said no one would manage to break her, saying she would remain a strong PF member and support President Edgar Lungu.

“Awe tapali nefyonjishibe mwaiche wandi (I know nothing my young one) . Elo tabakankwanishe (they won’t manage me). Mind you, I am a founder member of PF, ine shakatalantante (Iwill never be shaken) futi shakabomfye chifukushi (I will never allow anger to control me), I will still remain PF and I will support my President positively,” she said

Banda said they knew each other in the party adding that they even know who means well for President Lungu and those that were there to attack him.

“We know each other in PF my dear we know who means well for the President. We know who are there to attack the President, me I am seasoned politician and with or without a position, I stand firm, very strong. I stand for my party and everything is normal,” Banda said.

Meanwhile, Banda said those who thought they were going to break her were wasting their time.

“The problem is that I am a very straight foward person and I will do the right thing at the right time. I am a politician but I am very God fearing person. Those who think they are going to break me are just wasting their time,” she said.

Banda added that the scheme to put her in bad light started two weeks ago, saying she had been on social media on trumped up things that people were making against her.

“But don’t worry, I am very strong. PF yena takuli ukanfumya nangu ukanchimfya (No one will remove me From PF or defeat me),” Banda said. “Because when people start getting into your private life, just because they want to make propaganda and think they are finishing you, that means I am powerful.”

She said the decision to revoke her appointment had not moved her not even a bit.

Banda said she was comfortable because there was nothing she knew she had done to deserve the dismissal.


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