The Candidates’ Comment

The composition of aspiring Parliamentary candidates in this year’s election tells so much about how National Assembly as a law making institution has been reduced to something that any type of characters can occupy.

A very long time ago, to be called an Honorable was something that came with value. Those days, those who managed to go to Parliament were persons of high moral fabric and people you would look up to as a moral campus in our society. Today, we cannot say the same about our Parliamentarians or those aspiring to become one.

If, for all intent and purposes, a party like the Patriotic Front (PF) can settle for a person like Iris Kaingu to represent the people of Mwandi Constituency in Parliament and make laws that govern this country, then what sort of moral fabric can we reasonably expect from Parliament?

We mean not to sound anachronistic and holier than thou but opting to adopt Iris to represent a section of our society is disgraceful. This is someone whose behavior, character and history isn’t attuned with the integrity that National Assembly demands. Iris has no integrity worth talking about.

If a person of Iris’s caliber can be selected as the best contender to represent people in Parliament and to make laws for this country, then, there is no honor due to Parliament and those occupying it. When they are discussing issues to do with pornography and how to curb it, what will be Iris’s own contribution? When they are discussing about punishing offenders who stripe and flaunt naked pictures of their bodies, what will be Iris’s own contribution to all this?

No doubt PF has cheapened the bar by adopting Iris to represent the people of Mwandi. Of course none has no sin. Everyone, other than divine authority, is imperfect. However, imperfection should not be misinterpreted for immorality. The things that Iris has done in the recent past are immoral and have nothing to do with man’s imperfection in the eyes of divine authority.

We should not reduce our law making house to such nonsense. If Iris is okay for the PF, let it remain like that for themselves but not for Zambians. These are our honest views and we are entitled to them. If Zambians in general and people of Mwandi Constituency in particular feel such a person with a stink of pornography is okay to lead them, who are we? If electing Iris to Parliament is something that they are okay with, The Candidates can only watch in despair how cheap Parliament is becoming in Zambia.
-The Candidates


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