PF has issued a 10-day ultimatum to former members to hand back party vehicles


PF demands party vehicles from former members

THE PATRIOTIC Front has issued a 10-day ultimatum to former members to hand back party vehicles.

Party Secretary General Morgan Ng’ona made the demand in a notice addressed to all former ministers, former members of the Central Committee and former senior party officials dated November 28, 2023.

In the notice also copied to party president Miles Sampa, Ng’ona, declared a ten 10 day amnesty.

According to the notice, recipients are required to return the vehicles to the Party Secretariat or the nearest Police station within the stipulated amnesty period, with no legal consequences.

“If you continue to hold on to them after the expiry of this Amnesty, the vehicles will be deemed stolen, and appropriate legal means will be instituted to recover the said Party property,” warned Ng’ona.

By Moses Makwaya



  1. You pipo in PF why have you allowed the Party Sata toiled to form,build and grow,to sink deeper into factionism ? Nakacinda and Ng’ona who is who ? Sampa and Lubinda,who is who ?Justice must prevail here.Don’t allow criminality to prevail in the Party.There is always a solution to a problem.We may differ on principle or otherwise but will always remain Zambians,brothers and sisters.There is no justification to allow PF to hang and go to hell! Solve this issue,the earlier the better! From Berlin.


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