PF implosion is imminent

By Alfred Chioza

What’s PF’s ideology or vision?

I stand to be educated; I doubt if they have any.

The pro-poor stance was a fake populist ladder used to con the Zambian voter. After assumption to power, did PF adhere to its pronouncements of “money in the people’s pockets?” It didn’t take long before the PF lleopard showed its true corruption colours. It didn’t take long either before all the PF leaders amassed unexplained wealth believed to have been proceeds of corruption.

Overnight, all leaders were cutting deals for themselves, their children, cronies, associates, proxies, drug barons, etc. Before long, all the perennial corrupt MMD characters found an ideal political party in which to operate from! And before long, Zambians discovered that glittery PF was, after all, painted in fake gold colours. Farmers were the first to find out that the PF abbreviations stood for PAYA FARMER (kill the farmer)! PF wasn’t concerned with agriculture at all. PF’s core business was visibly CORRUPTION! The money they promised the Zambians, all went into PF elite’s pockets.

It didn’t take long before Zambians woke up from PF’s nightmarish slumber. It is actually rumoured that PF lost the 2016 elections. The courts were mischievous in handling the presidential petition. To put it bluntly, PF rigged the election! Some substantial UPND presidential candidate’s ballot papers were buried at Kalulushi Cemetery. Lusaka and in the so-called PF stronghold were areas where rigging was so easy and pronounced. Remember the Lundazi Central Constituency where Edgar Chagwa Lungu got 28,000 votes, HH got 4,000 and Nawakwi’s FDD got 1,400. This is in a constituency with only 28,000 registered Voters. ECZ deliberately did a lousy job in skewing the elections to PF. There were many instances pointing to the fact that the 2016 elections were fraudulently won by the PF. However, this time around, Zambian voters sent a decisive message of disapproval of PF and sent them parking and scampering.

To demonstrate that there’s no honour amongst thieves, see how PF is imploding. There are many resignations, retirements, desertions, disowning PF and sell-outs are at it again. Infighting is getting uglier! Bad mouthing of PF by the likes of Mumbi Phiri, indicating that she’s throwing in a towel. There’s zero loyalty from those members who were thought to have been hardcore PF. They are jumping ship en-masse, especially given the fact that PF didn’t have membership cards. PF may just end up with the funeral undertakers to collect the last money the former ruling party may have hidden. The fight between the blood relations; Mumbi Phiri and Profrssor Nkandu Luo, doesn’t inspire soft landing. Then you have Chishimba Kambwili and many more people claiming PF ownership; agreeing to engage in internecine war of words. Then the presence of jackals of war plotting to steal the PF presidency while the political elephants are slugging it out! The ugly outcome points to one thing – PF implosion is iimminent!

The PF leadership became reckless in many ways. They overborrowed from China purely under the pretext of rolling out developmental projects, whilst the actual hidden agenda was to inflate invoices of goods/services. Clearly, the debt that the current government is struggling to service and repay wasn’t all used to benefit Zambia. Unless this is audited, Zambians will never know the truth. One wouldn’t be wrong to guess that the corrupt leaders may have pocketed 55 per cent whilst the country may have benefited 45 per cent!

How can a country lose as much as US $144 million to a fertiliser company whose shareholders are known? Eastern Province has ended up short-changed: Neria Investments failed to supply Urea fertilisers despite being paid upfront by the PF government! All those involved must be incarcerated.

The lesson learned is that Zambia had been captured by the ‘Guptas’: they gifted Zambian leaders with mansions/flats in Dubai. They provided young girls to the leaders in the lodges in the game parks; in return, our political leaders sold Zambia. Are those the leaders Zambia would like to have?

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