A CIVIC leader in Bweengwa Constituency says it is retrogressive for the PF to indirectly promote a one-party state.

In an interview, Maybin Mudenda said the recent fierce battles in Mufulira and calls from the PF members to bar opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema from going to certain parts of the country were a clear indication that Zambia was no longer a democratic nation.

“It is retrogressive of the highest order for the PF to disregard democratic style of governance and embrace one party state kind of leadership against the wish of many Zambians. We fought the one-party state as a united front and it’s retrogressive of the highest order to try and get into the same vomit,” he said. “In the shortest time under this current PF regime, we have seen some pockets of violence in the Copperbelt and, hence, the Mufurila saga. A citizen by the name of HH is featured on the radio station and PF cadres attempt to break in to beat him up. This clearly indicates that such violence has a blessing of the PF leadership.”

Mudenda said there was need for PF to understand that Zambians were one people regardless of their political divide.

He wondered what was scaring them about Hichilema’s presence around the country.

“What is it that the PF doesn’t want people to hear from HH on that media? Politics is a competition of ideas and not violence. We have seen some chiefs without shame championing tribalism and taking a political position in promoting a no-go area to some citizens. We hold chiefs in high esteem to unite and offer leadership in these darkest hours of our country when peaceful protest and freedom of expression seem to be a preserve of those in the corridors of power,” said Mudenda. “Our lives begin to end when we have a regime that forces citizens to be quiet on issues that matter. Every statement issued by a leader has an effect on the citizenry, hence there is need for them to be responsible in their utterances. A national leader in a position of a provincial minister like Bowman [Lusambo] needs to understand that cadreism must be above his reach. Bowman Lusambo made a public declaration that Copperbelt is a no go area for HH. I appeal to President Edgar Lungu to tame Lusambo as a leader for he seems so excited with power that does not last forever. Let him be given a refresher course so that he gets to know his responsibility as a provincial minister.”


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