PF IS A STRONG ‘MOVEMENT’…. because it is people driven, says Hon Kampyongo



…. because it is people driven, says Hon Kampyongo

Chinsali District… Sunday November 12, 2023 (SMART EAGLES)

Shiwang’andu Member of Parliament Hon Stephen Kampyongo says the former ruling party Patriotic Front is a ‘strong movement’ that cannot be killed easily.

Hon Kampyongo says the PF is a people driven party and that’s why it remains strong.

He says all the structures of the PF remain intact despite the sponsored confusion that has been brought in the party by Miles Sampa.

The former Home Affairs Minister said this when he and Chinsali Central MP Hon Kalalwe Mukosa featured on a special radio programme at Delight Kwitonta Radio station in Chinsali Sunday evening.

He said there is no single party in Zambia that has gone through a lot and remain strong saying it is anchored by the people who believe in its ideologies.

“PF is a people driven party and that’s why it is a movement. You are all aware of what is happening in our mighty party, but what encourages us leaders is that all the structures remain intact. You can tell that Miles Sampa is not working alone in this operation but they have seen that it will not help them because the people have remained royal to the party,” he said.

“I want to assure you that you have a leadership in place that will not allow these people to get our party. That’s why even President Edgar Chagwa Lungu came out of his retirement saying he would want to see the party that late President Michael Chilufya Sata left in his care. But we have some people who are very uncomfortable following his come back to active politics. The Alebwelelapo slogan is a nightmare to them.”

Hon Kampyongo said if the UPND administration had done well, they would not be uncomfortable with anyone knowing too well that the people of Zambia are still with them.

He said what they have done instead is messing up everything by subjecting the people to total suffering.

And Hon Mukosa accused the Speaker of National Assembly Nelly Mutti of using emotions in the way she manages the affairs of the House.

He said the biasness exhibited by the Speaker is a source of concern for most stakeholders.

He also said the MPs will not stop speaking for the people despite being suspended by madam Mutti.

He said institution of government should not be seen to be aiding any faction during interparty conflicts.

He stated that giving Miles Sampa state security is wrong on the part of the police.


  1. The people left when you started looting, gassing, violence and lawlessness. How so you think UPND and HH got into power? Stop dreaming! The people left after they realised they had voted into power the most ruthless, irresponsible, immoral criminals into power.

  2. This chap was lucky to rise to even be MP is only that politics demands no qualifications any body even if it’s a chicken which talks to much can be an MP if they play their crooked cards well.
    Check the back ground of some of these chaps they are from the street!!lol

  3. A strong movement of crooks, thieves, looters, plunderers, gassers and murderers.

    Booed when handing power to the legitimately elected president and booed when you try to perform witchcraft of politics at the football stadium and you claim to be loved?


  4. Greedy and leadership with no integrity is destroying the PF. The wrangles in PF were created by Edgar Chagwa Lungu favoured former MMD members like Dora Siliya, Mwale, Bowman Lusambo, Nakachinda and many more and rewarded them will positions and sidelining genuine members of the PF. Edgar Chagwa Lungu was afraid of working with people with integrity and intellectuals.

    PF is dead and will not go nowhere. It is difficult to forget the atrocities PF committed and careless dishing out of money. Thugs and criminals terrorised innocent people in the name of promoting PF agenda.

  5. PF is a tangled mess. The biggest problem being that most of the top people are aspiring for presidency. The grass roots are lost because each time they lifted a fist in salute they were showered with money. The cadres also are frustrated because they became Don s with money meant to be paid to the council etc. So PF is fighting PF. Hope there is a shortage of pangas in the country because this lot will hack each other if and when they have a convention. Just saying then they will be remembered as the the PERISHED FRONT.

  6. “Chila Muntu ne Chiwa chakwe”, some Bloggers Chiwa chabo ni Hakainde, alibakambatila pa mukoshi, they “can’t breathe”


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