Nathan Chanda
Nathan Chanda

Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt Provincial Chairman Nathan Chanda says the former ruling party is still strong and unshaken in the province.

Mr. Chanda, the losing Parliamentary candidate in Roan Constituency, said all the PF structures on the Copperbelt are intact.

The former Luanshya Mayor said the PF had retained 99 percent of its members on the Copperbelt after the last August General Election defeat to the United Party for National Development (UPND).

Mr. Chanda, however, acknowledged that some people whom he accused of being opportunists have left the PF.

He described the PF’s loss to the UPND in the 2021 General Election as a passing phase.

Mr. Chanda said the PF will bounce back in Government in 2026.

He said people still believe in the PF ideologies and have faith in the former ruling party.

“Secretary General (Nickson Chilangwa) we also want to assure you as Copperbelt that coming from what we went through, loss of the last year’s elections as people of Copperbelt reflected on all the things that would have led us to the loss and a lot of our people here on the ground they are still with faith and believe that PF come 2026 shall bounce back into Government. I have said this because I am not speaking like a coward. There are some politicians who just want to harvest where they did not sow, opportunists,” Mr. Chanda said in Ndola.

“Those who like jumping to sweet things only but there are some politicians like us who started in opposition with Mr. Sata. This is a passing phase, one day Kalebalika kuntanshi. So as you can see Copperbelt PF structures are still intact. There are those who are being lured and one or two who just like good things but 99 % of our people are still PF. They still believe in our party. I am just asking all on the Copperbelt, let us unite, let us reconcile and love one another pantu umunwe umo tausala nda. Twende babili nao temwenso, cinchi wababili te cinci wababili,” Mr. Chanda said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chanda has welcomed the PF Central Committee’s decision to appoint Kalulushi Member of Parliament Kampamba Mulenga as National Chairperson for Women.

He said the PF on the Copperbelt will support and work closely with Ms. Mulenga in the best interest of the party.

Mr. Chanda hailed the role of women in politics and thanked PF women on the Copperbelt for supporting his leadership.

“We are happy as Copperbelt to have hard working women. These mothers have been supporting our Copperbelt Provincial Executive Committee; we are here because of them. I just want to assure you that as people of Copperbelt we have got every confidence in your leadership and that of the Central Committee. We are happy over the decision to give us Madam Kampamba Mulenga. We will support her and work with her because where a woman touches things work. There is no country or organisation which can achieve its social and economic development without the full and active participation of the women and the youth. And these which you have demonstrated ba ninefwe nakuno through our new Chairperson for Women we are saying thank you and job well done,” Mr. Chanda said.

Ms. Mulenga called for unity in PF and praised the efforts of women in the party.

“I agreed to work with the women because it is a woman who knows how the village is doing. Women are eager to work in PF especially here on the Copperbelt. We will not look back because God is gracious and merciful; there is always a second chance. I am assuring you that love and unity can make us bounce back into power in 2026,” she said.


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