Rather than go down the violent bloodbath path out of power which the PF has seemingly chosen, there are better choices available to them.
All Zambians want to see a unified peaceful country after the 2021 General Elections.

It’s abundantly clear, even to the PF that they can’t win an election that is free and fair.
That being the case, they know that they are on their way out of power.
Most of them have accumulated millions in dollars of stolen money.

It’s the fear of going to prison that is causing the violence, anarchy and break down of the rule of law we’re seeing in Zambia today.

In order to preserve peace and unity, and to have an orderly transition of power, the people of Zambia would be willing to extend an amnesty deal to some of the senior PF leaders.

1: Declare and handover all the stolen wealth and properties and return it to the custody of the government of the republic of Zambia.

2: Handover your passport so that you’re not able to travel and access any money hidden abroad until such time that the investigative agencies are satisfied that you have handed back everything you took.

In return you avoid going to jail.

When Levy Mwanawasa came to office in 2001, he offered this deal to the corrupt leaders of the FTJ regime, he gave them three months to handover the wealth.

Mr Fred Siame the former Auditor General publicly accepted the amnesty offer, he declared the stolen wealth and he returned it to the government. After that Levy Mwanawasa spared him and he became a free man.

Amnesty is always a better option than to fight, take the nation down in flames and then end up in the dock at the international criminal court.


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