PF Leadership Meet Catholic Bishops


By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamb


…the Patriotic Front met the leadership of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops(ZCCB) and today met the Council of Churches in Zambia….


Lusaka- Thursday 9th November 2023

The Patriotic Front leadership in their continued engagement to protect democracy and the rule of law in Zambia met the Council Of Churches In Zambia.

The Patriotic Front is engaging stakeholders to join hands in protecting democracy and constitutionalism.

Zambia is facing a quick shrinking democratic space, constitutional breaches and violations, and the abuse and assault of state and democratic institutions.

The Patriotic Front as the largest Opposition in Zambia has also in the recent past faced deregistration and currently its facing an action where the UPND is engaged in stealing the Party through a stooge.


  1. The illegal PF faction met Christians for Lungu or what? Kikikikiki. As usual they are like headless chicken not knowing whether they are going or coming. STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. Ati shrinking of democratic space. I mean you are busy meeting the church freely, going to radio stations freely, meeting ambassadors from foreign countries, eating anywhere, going anywhere, attacking the speaker freely, so what are you talking about?

  3. We catholics do not have female bishops. Where is this shrinking democracy? In which province? Why should all the people of Zambia involve themselves in PF internal affairs. Fight Miles yourselves. Do not say shrinking democracy because Sampa took over the presidential position.

    • I totally argree with SUBSTANCE. The UPND government has allowed everything to thrive but the PF opposition Party is saying “shrinking democratic space”!!!! Are they normal and serious!!! They are simply big joker’s. Anyway, precedence was set by themselves (PFs). CRY BABIES.

  4. Catholic is not God ,whether the pfools meet them or not there is nothing they can do because we know them as the main character of the pf party all along,prior to the 2021general elections they had even created an organisation called “Christians for lungu”where they offered prayers and fasting throughout for the pf to win but they were ashamed by the will of God as the people of Zambia also prayed to the true God who turned down the beast and buried it underground, even this time whether catholics bishops like it or not the God of heaven will not allow pangas and guns to be put on peoples heads and hence no chance for the violent party it has been buried for good for the betterment of the zambian people

  5. Only Emmanuel Mwamba, the known idyot of propaganda can be fooled by these fake pictures.
    Catholic Bishops do not include women, please smiley Dickhead Mwamba, stop that nonsense of straight LIES and we won’t be fooled by an Arsewhore like you. Be sane and not senile.


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